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Expedition Portal Classifieds: Hemi XV-JP

Imagine for a moment that you have just won the lottery. Hundreds of millions of dollars are now in your bank account, and the world of exotic vehicles and travel are wide open to you. What do you buy? A perfect condition Land Cruiser, a pop-top Defender, a 6×6 G-Wagen, maybe all three? While I…

What’s in your winch bag? The basic gear you should be carrying

The other day I ran into the proud owner of a well-built four-wheel drive. Eager to talk shop, he began to list a few of the numerous pieces of equipment he had installed on his new vehicle. The list included 37-inch tires, aftermarket wheels, a 4-inch lift, lights, a roof rack, a front bumper, and…

Overland Expo: The Tail End

We’re used to seeing plenty of trailers and dogs at Overland Expo, but this year’s event was particularly packed. There were trailers from all over the world, including some rather famous imports from Australia and South Africa, and some old favorites from the U.S. of A. Dogs too came in every shape and size, and it seemed…

Overland Expo 2017: Living Large in Campers and Vans

When the first Overland Expo took place in Prescott, Arizona, nearly 10 years ago, most of the vehicles in attendance fit the same mold. Built on 4×4 SUV platforms, they all included a roof top tent and a bevy of bolt-on modifications designed to maximize off-road proficiency. Not to say those trucks are less prevalent…

Book Worm: Build Your Own Overland Camper

There are probably more than a few of us who have dreamed of owning an overland camper. Even the most die-hard tent lovers have probably longed for a heated interior during a rain-soaked, frost-bitten night. But for those who make it past the dreaming stage and decide to pursue one of these four-wheel drive behemoths, the path can be challenging….