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The Alu-Cab ModCap System is Modular and Versatile

Alu-Cab is certainly not the kind of company to stand idle and allow grass to grow under its large and innovative feet. Recently, we featured the Hercules roof conversion for the Toyota Troopy. The ModCap does for pick-ups pretty much what the Hercules does for SUVs. The ModCap range has three main elements: the ModCap Canopy, ModCap Cabin, and ModCap Camper.

The versatile ModCap Canopy features a sleek, flat-roof design with optional windows; this canopy provides secure and spacious storage for tools, equipment, and essentials for life on the move. Designed to be multi-functional, the canopy serves both tradespeople in need of organized storage and/or adventurers seeking a setup for weekend trails and longer journeys.

The Alu-Cab ModCap Cabin and ModCap Camper are both modular vehicle accessories from Alu-Cab, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want versatility and durability in vehicle-based shelters. However, they cater to slightly different needs and preferences.

The ModCap Camper is essentially a more versatile version of Alu-Cab’s Canopy Camper. It is designed to transform a vehicle into a modular camping setup, where various components such as the tent and storage can be customized or swapped based on the user’s needs. The Camper is intended for those who require a flexible setup that can be adapted for different camping and outdoor scenarios.

On the other hand, the ModCap Cabin takes a different approach by offering a stationary, cabin-like structure that provides a reliable and slightly more permanent setup on the vehicle. It’s aimed at users who might prioritize a more consistent setup that offers robust protection and comfort in a variety of environments without the need for frequent modifications.

Both models share Alu-Cab’s commitment to quality and durability, utilizing materials like TPU laminated nylon and ripstop fabric for resistance against the elements and rough use. They are also designed with efficiency in mind, offering features like smooth-formed finishes for improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

In essence, the choice between the two would depend on whether you value adaptability and modularity (Camper) or a more permanent, cabin-like structure (Cabin) for your outdoor adventures. Both are engineered to make outdoor living more comfortable and practical, leveraging Alu-Cab’s reputation for tough, innovative outdoor gear.

The ModCap system will be available in the US from OK4WD.


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