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Gear Scout: SPOT Gen3

After a prolonged and secretive build up, SPOT has finally launched the latest generation of their wildly successful GPS Satellite Messenger. Aptly named the Gen3, this new device includes a number of refined improvements guaranteed to make it a continued success. The most noticeable change is the reduced size. At only four ounces with overall…

Garmin Releases the VIRB Action Camera

In their recents attempts to resurrect the brand from dependence on (declining) consumer GPS units, Garmin has begun releasing solutions that not only include a navigation function, but additional, unique and supportive features.


Gear Scout: Flexitank

Water. It is arguably the single most important item you can bring for your health and safety on a trip. It regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and cleanses impurities from your system, yet for some reason it is often under-packed or overlooked when planning for an off-road excursion. The fact is that water…