Redarc Unveils New Line of Adventure-ready Solar Panels

Australian power management equipment manufacturer Redarc has announced its new line of adventure-ready solar panels. Designed to survive the harsh environments that many of us explore with our overland vehicles, this collection of fixed, portable, and flexible solar cells capture additional power to keep your battery system topped off in the backcountry.

“REDARC’s solar panels and accessories are the perfect complement to an existing REDARC 12v dual battery system, or a great place to begin incorporating battery charging capabilities. For the ultimate off-grid power set up, pair REDARC’s new solar panels with their already popular range of BCDC Dual In-Vehicle DC-DC Chargers or Manager30 Battery Management System. Both systems feature next-generation battery charging technology and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulators, so
a separate regulator is not required. These enable charging from both the solar panels and the alternator simultaneously. And, with built-in Green Power Priority, it will select solar charging first, meaning less load on the alternator.”

Redarc Solar Panel Lineup

As mentioned, Redarc’s solar panel lineup consists of three types of solar panels: fixed, folding, and flexible.

Fixed Monocrystalline Solar Panels – For travelers that want a permanent, roof-mounted solar installation on their campervan or truck, fixed monocrystalline panels provide the best value. Redarc’s fixed solar panels are constructed from a mix of lightweight aluminum framing and tempered glass and they range in wattage from 50- to 200-watts. Prices start at $200 (50-watt panel).


Folding Monocrystalline Solar Panels – If you can’t or don’t want to permanently mount solar panels on your rig, a portable folding solar panel could be a better solution. Folding panels are relatively compact and can easily be moved throughout the day to make sure they are receiving optimal sun exposure. One of the other benefits of a portable panel is that it allows you to park your rig in the shade while still collecting solar input. Folding solar panels range from 120- to 200-watts with prices start at $479.


Amorphous Cell Flexible Solar Blankets – Flexibility and lightweight materials characterize these solar blankets which weigh a fraction of traditional aluminum and tempered glass solar panels. Solar blankets have a durable and flexible copper-backed construction and an anti-reflective scratch-resistant ETFE coating for a long field life. They can easily be hung on the side of a vehicle, draped over the windshield (which has the benefit of blocking sunlight from entering your cab), or laid on the ground. Panels range from 112- to 190-watts and start at $995.


“We are very proud of our solar line and are confident it will be as popular in North America as it is in Australia,” says Marion Jones REDARC’s International Marketing Manager. “The steady charge that solar can provide is key for off-grid travel or when you find that perfect campsite you don’t want to leave.”


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