New Overland Gear at Expo West 2021

There was a huge selection of new overland gear at Overland Expo West 2021 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Here are some highlights from the show.

iKamper Disco Series Cooking Outfit

overland expo west overland gear ikamper skottle

iKamper makes a strong entry to the cooking game with this modular setup, complete with burner, adjustable legs, and more. What makes this cooking outfit unique? To begin with, the Disco burner (which is manufactured by Korean gear manufacturer Kovea) can be used independently of the tripod, thanks to its own set of tiny legs. However, you can just as easily connect the burner to the telescoping Disco legs which can then be dialed in to your ideal cooking height. Prefer to cook over a campfire? Just hang the Disco skillet from the included chains which have a pulley, allowing you to raise or lower the skillet easily. It even comes with a handsome wooden utensil and accessory (drink) holder.

$TBD |


Hitchfire Side Table Cutting Board

overland gear hitchfire

I’m not sure that it’s a new product, but this side table cutting board is a great addition to your Hitchfire grill. It has a 15- by 30-inch hardwood maple cutting surface which attaches to the tubular steel swing-arm of the grill, providing valuable food prep space for tailgating, car camping, or overland trips.

$179 |


New Gear from Front Runner Outfitters

overland gear front runner outfitters

Front Runner Outfitters had a bunch of new gear on display including their new Wolf Pack Pro stackable storage containers, 20-liter Pro water storage cube, and 40-inch LED light bar.

The Wolf Pack Pro containers are robust, feature four metal latches, and are IP66-rated for water and dust resistance thanks to a gasket under the lid. The 20-liter water cube is a smaller, more manageable way to transport drinking water (compared to the 40-liter model), and the LED light bar meets ECE regulations for use on paved roads and projects light up to 635 meters.

$55-743 |



Rollercams have been on the market for a while, but I still find it amazing how much of an improvement they offer over the traditional cam buckle and webbing strap. Available in a wide variety of configurations and lengths and boasting a 350-pound working load limit, these handy straps make securing gear fast and easy.

$4+ |


Icon Vehicle Dynamics Rebound Pro Wheels and CDEV Suspension

overland gear icon wheels

Icon Vehicle Dynamics has some exciting new products including their Rebound Pro wheels and Compression Dampening Electronic Valve suspension systems.

First, the wheels. The Rebound Pro has an innovative beadlock design that is different from traditional beadlock wheels, the vast majority of which are not even DOT-certified for use on paved roads. Instead of a locking plate that requires specific tools and regular maintenance to retain your wheel’s bead, the Rebound uses a series of bolts that screw into the inner rim, pinning the bead so that it can’t fall off while driving at low tire pressures. The techs that I spoke with at Overland Expo said that even when testing tires as 0 psi (flatted), they’ve never had a tire come off of the Rebound rim. Compelling.

overland gear icon cdev suspension

CDEV is Icon’s new compression dampening electronic valve technology that pairs with their IIC (Icon Intelligent Control) computer module. With this futuristic setup, your suspension can literally adjust itself on the fly, optimizing performance for whatever terrain your vehicle encounters. The IIC module collects information at a rate of over 1,000 times per second, relaying the appropriate data to the CDEV in as little a 40 milliseconds. A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone running Icon’s app allows users to record driving data and adjust baseline shock settings without ever leaving the driver’s seat of their vehicle. Learn more about this innovative suspension in this article.

Rebound Pro Wheels: $378+ // CDEV Suspension: pricing varies by vehicle |


New Gear From Step 22

Step 22 has been continuously pumping out new and exciting sewn goods this year and in the short time between Overland Expo Loveland and Overland Expo Flagstaff, they’ve managed to bring a bunch of new designs to the table.

One of the most innovative examples, which is pictured above, is a hook and loop MOLLE panel that can hold gear on its own or can accommodate your existing MOLLE-compatible gear. While its design is not quite finalized, we are excited to see all of the applications that it will have for gear organization in overland rigs and beyond.

Step 22 also had a bunch of great new bag designs including packing cubes, lightweight duffels with breathable mesh ends, and a roll-top full-zip recovery gear bag.

$TBD |


Elf Offroad Universal Trailer Clamps

Here’s a cool little gadget for those of you who pull trailers. These Elf Offroad clamps attach easily to any angle iron, creating a secure lashing point to tie down gear. There are many benefits to using these, for instance, not needing to drill holes in your trailer for eye bolts, or the fact that they can be easily adjusted on the fly to create the perfect tie-down geometry. They come in a four-pack, are each made from billet 6066 aluminum, have a working load limit of 600 pounds (1,800 pounds break strength), and are made in the USA.

$70+ |


Roam Adventure Co. Mounting Brackets

Roam Adventure Co. manufactures durable weatherproof cases, but up until now, they didn’t have an engineered solution for mounting them to your rig. This led to many customers drilling through them or using ratchet straps. Realizing the need for a better solution, Roam designed a mounting system that makes vehicle integration much easier. The mounts are comprised of a base plate that secures to your roof rack and a bracket that slips into the webbing channel on the cases. The brackets can be locked once the cases are attached, keeping your gear secure on your roof rack or wherever else you decide to mount them.

$TBD |


Egoe Nestbox

Based in the Czech Republic, Egoe Nest is a design studio that focuses on installations in transport infrastructure. Their Nestbox is a self-contained camping system that works with just about any vehicle on the market. It is unique in that it requires no drilling or vehicle modification to be installed. Simply use their lashing system to secure the module to your vehicle’s existing bolts and tie-downs.

The various models of the Nestbox can be ordered with all of the basic necessities needed for camping, and at a fraction of the price of expensive vehicle upfitting services. Perhaps the best part of this system is that your vehicle remains completely intact, allowing you to simply remove the camping module when you are not using it. This is a fantastic option for folks who want to limit their spending for an overland setup or who don’t have a second vehicle that they can dedicate to play.

$3,349+ |


Redarc Portable Monocrystalline Solar Panels

overland gear redarc solar panels

Redarc has a whole new lineup of solar panels including fixed, folding, and flexible models. While fixed and folding panels have their obvious applications, solar blankets are a bit more interesting and versatile. While they might be the most expensive sunshade you’ve ever purchased, they do drape very nicely over a vehicle’s windshield, allowing you to simultaneously block the sun from scorching your vehicle’s dash while harvesting the energy to recharge your dual battery system. More details available in this article.

$200+ |



The Pullkitchen is an all-in-one solution that can be installed in your truck, van, SUV, or trailer. It has everything that you need to prepare delicious meals in the backcountry including prep surfaces, a two-burner stove, sink, and food storage. The Quickmount option allows travelers to easily remove the Pullkitchen from their vehicle in as little as three minutes and the whole setup weighs in at 200 pounds. The minimum cargo space required to mount the Pullkitchen is 60 (L) x 21.5 (W) x 17.75 (H) inches.

$4495+ |


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