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Camp-spresso: The Moka Pot

It’s Overland Journal’s fault. I’ve long appreciated the pleasures of the morning coffee ritual, an easy vice to maintain in the city, but one that is typically tolerable at best in camp. Working in an office with a well-stocked espresso bar has sharpened the addiction to such a point the instant solutions often served tent-side…

Review: The WaterField Cargo

Over the past several months I’ve been trapped in the seemingly endless search for that perfect balance between got-it-all, and the liberty got-it-all prevents in an “everyday” bag. You name it, I’ve carried it—from sleek and elegant Tumi to weighted-down MOLLE. Based on past experience, present occupation, and future aspirations I knew what I wanted…

Review: GearPods® Wilderness

I have to admit, when I was first handed the GearPods® Wilderness emergency kit for evaluation I chuckled. Decades of testing, reviewing, and custom-tailoring such kits have left me with a bias against “off-the-shelf survival”, and the bold packaging complete with photos of extreme adventuring did little to counter this prejudice. As I’m not one…

Review: Gear Pockets

Gear Pockets are just that—a grid of organizational pockets for holding your gear. The system is designed with the wall of a garage or tent in mind, but it can be used just as easily on the side of a vehicle, the branch of a tree, or anywhere else with convenient space to hang it….