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Decked Introduces the CargoGlide Heavy Duty Sliding Platform

We have all been there – that one article of gear that you can’t leave home without will lie back there in the rear corner of the load area tauntingly when you need it. Be it a second tool box or a torque wrench, the spare parts box, or a spare tire, you know that you will need to unpack half of the vehicle to get to it, a frustrating and time-consuming affair. What if you could access the entire load area (or at least a significant portion of it) with the pull of a lever and the slide of a heavy-duty tray?

Decked CargoGlide

Decked, based in Ketchum, Idaho, recently revealed the CargoGlide, a heavy-duty sliding bed platform designed to make loading, unloading, organizing, and accessing gear more efficient and hassle-free, though you may need to carry a sturdy step stool. CargoGlide allows owners to store and quickly retrieve heavy and bulky items like welders, compressors, heavy-duty tools, refrigerators, spare tires, rescue gear, boxes, and more without crawling into the back of the truck. Naturally, you could also use the tray to pack bulky but lightweight items. CargoGlide rolls forward out of the truck bed from its locked position, extending past the end of the bed by as much as 100%.

“CargoGlide literally extends the floor of the bed out behind the truck, giving full and unrestricted access to gear and cargo. Truck owners with bed caps will find CargoGlide especially useful, as it enables them to easily and safely use and access every corner truck bed.”

said Decked VP of Marketing, Greg Randolph.

Decked CargoGlide

According to the Decked team, the CargoGlide sliding tray is designed to complement the Decked Drawer System, and bolting CargoGlide atop the Decked Drawer System is Decked’s ultimate solution in truck-bed utility. Owners can store heavy or bulky equipment on the CargoGlide. Beneath it, they can secure tools and smaller gear inside the Drawer System’s two full-length drawers, and the CargoGlide is a particularly useful choice for any truck owner with a cap installed over their truck bed.

Decked CargoGlide

The Decked CargoGlide is available in 1,000, 1,500, and 2,200-pound payload options, with either 75% or 100% extension of the tray available. The 1,000-pound, 75% extension option is compatible with the Decked Drawer System, and the CargoGlide is available for most full-size and mid-size trucks and cargo vans. Constructed from powder-coated American steel and industrial, marine-grade plywood coated with a thermoplastic top sheet, CargoGlide is rugged and designed to perform on the job site and in the great outdoors. Your precious cargo and gear can be secured to the CargoGlide by affixing straps to the side rails with adjustable cargo tie-down locations.

Decked CargoGlide

The CargoGlide comes pre-assembled, and the installation process is said to be as simple as drilling according to the instructions, installing the hardware, and bolting it down.

CargoGlide is available to purchase online at www.decked.com as well as nationwide through Decked’s network of 2,500 dealers.

CargoGlide is available from $1,332

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