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Gazelle T4 Hub Tent

By Ryan Keegan The Gazelle T4 Hub tent is a direct descendent of the Eskimo ice fishing shelter as well as the Barronett hunting blinds, both made by Ardisam. They have been producing seasonal outdoor products since 1960 and have upped their game with the Gazelle line of camping tents and shade awnings. The Gazelle…

Of Sand Dunes, Camels, and Kangaroos

Few topics that pique the adventurer’s imagination as venturing into the planet’s wild and remote locales. Throughout the epoch of time, the human spirit has drawn these rugged individuals to the far corners of the earth in an attempt to sail, hike, or drive to where others have yet to venture. This year marks the…

Overland News :: ArchiTec Endeavour Kickstarter

As part of our Overland News series, we often feature products that are being released through programs like Kickstarter. These services help smaller companies take more managed risks with new ideas, and I am often inspired by the concepts that make it to market. One of those companies is ArchiTec, a brand that focuses on…

Living Legend: Lois Pryce

Smitten with life, UK adventuress Lois Pryce has always been on the move. At 13 years of age, an unchaperoned, week-long trip on bicycles through Cornwall’s back roads with friends introduced her to the possibilities of travel by design. And also to the idea of minimalist travel, taking shelter where you can find it, and bringing little more than bare essentials.

Sonora Rally Introduces Adventure Raid

Held deep in the expansive deserts of Sonora, Mexico, the Yokohama Sonora Rally is a five-day off-road navigation rally and a true Dakar-style adventure. Created by Dakar veterans Darren Skilton and Scott Whitney in 2014, the venue has brought rally raid, a mainstream attraction in Europe and Africa, to the forefront of the North American…

ARB Releases JL Deluxe Bumper

ARB has long been regarded as one of the best bumper and bull bar manufacturers out there. Over the years they have earned the respect of enthusiasts and professionals around the world by surviving the toughest conditions our planet has to offer, all while keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe in the event of a collision….

Meet Overland Journal at Adventure Southside – Germany

After a hugely successful debut in 2016, Adventure Southside once again opens its gates from July 14-16, 2017, in Eigeltingen, slightly to the west of Lake Constance. With a comprehensive programme of lectures, workshops and events for the whole family, the organizers invite overlanders, off-roaders and survival fans to join them on the Swiss-German border….