Overland Singles Celebrate New Loverlander App

Lonely in your roof-top tent? In need of a navigator? Searching for a partner in khaki? The new Loverlander app has shocked the industry with its innovative new features for connecting overlandy singles. The user can set preferences like vehicle make (because everyone knows Land Rover and Land Cruiser owners don’t quite “fit”), color of MaxTrax, and each loverlander can customize their feed with only the singles they most want to meet. The app has also received high praise for its most controversial features, like tagging if you are an Underlander or an Overlander. With rich integrations to popular apps like OnX, users can now geolocate other Loverlanders actively while they explore, because you never know who you might bump into on the trail.

Key Questions the Loverlander App uses to find your next soulmate:
Do you wear khaki only, or are you open to colors like. . . green?
Are you comfortable with Glamping?
Does your Tacoma’s remaining payload even allow for a date to ride along?
Is the smell of gear oil an aphrodisiac?
Skinny or wide tires?
Did you buy a light bar before recovery gear? (Because we all know that guy is never getting a right swipe.)
Does a shemagh make you 20 percent more swipeable?

And if all that isn’t enough, Loverlander will even compare your Instagram feed for photos of your truck staged at campsights you didn’t actually camp at! And each new user receives a complimentary bottle of the newest perfume for the aspiring Loverlander, called TURBO-DIESEL. For more information on Loverlander, and to sign up today go to loverlander.com.