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Overland Classifieds :: 1983 Land Rover Series III

It would be an understatement to say that the launch of the new Defender has caused a bit of a commotion amongst the overland community. Many people have expressed concerns over the complexity of the redesigned platform, and many people are not fans of the new look. (Just in case you have missed it, we…

Overland Classifieds :: Ginger the Fun Hauler

Many overlanders initiated their traveling passion as motorcycle and bicycle riders and, therefore, are constantly looking for a convenient way to keep bringing their adventure toys, even when using a four-legged vehicle. While a trailer may do the job, it’s not always practical to tow (think 55 mph speed limit in CA), and you also…

Overland Classifieds::2011 LX 570 Locked on 37s

If you have listened to our podcasts and read some of our articles over the last 15 years, you know that we typically prefer to keep our overland vehicles as close to stock as possible, especially the mechanical components. Several vehicles nowadays are terrific to use off-road straight out of the sales lot and really…

Maya Rally 2012 – Teaser is out!

Thanks to the great work of Enrique Vega (E. Vega Studio), and footages from various teams, those of you who have missed the first edition of the Maya Rally can now get a sense of this fabulous adventure! The complete series should be released soon.


5 Reasons I Love Toyotas

It is pretty safe to assume that most people watch TV shows because they like drama. Mad Men is full of it. To compensate for the lack of passion in their actual life, they turn to their favorite TV show to get it instead. The same scenario applies to cars. Some people need to have…

VOTD – Sabotage

Today we’re making an exception.

This video is not about overlanding – although there are some good car driving scenes in it and some crappy motels…it’s an homage to an extremely talented band member who influenced an entire generation.

RIP MCA (Adam Yauch)

Renting a Hilux in South Africa

Possibly one of the biggest misconceptions about overlanding is the idea that you need to save for years, buy your own vehicle, spent tons of time and money outfitting it and then take a year off before you can go out to explore. There are other alternatives and one of them is to buy a plane ticket to South Africa, rent a vehicle and go out explore on your own!