Overland Classifieds::2018 Ford Raptor with AT Overland Summit

International travel is a bit limited at the moment, to say the least. But there is one destination that still seems to attract overlanders, now more than ever: Baja! So if you are like many of us, and your heart longs for deserted beaches and delicious fish tacos, we have the perfect vehicle to get you there. Seriously, we can hardly imagine having more fun in life than driving down the Baja peninsula in a Ford Raptor, especially in one as well-equipped as the specimen we are presenting today.

What started as a factory fully optioned 2018 White Ford Raptor was then turned into a stellar long-distance overland vehicle by adding the perfect combination of high-quality products.

At 48,000 miles, the vehicle itself should be good for a lot more enjoyable miles. Pictures of the undercarriage reveal a virtually rust-free chassis and components. This era of Raptor comes with a twin-turbo V6 that delivers around 450 horsepower stock, which should be plenty enough to get in trouble with the Federales. As tempting as it may be, though, we don’t suggest trying to outrun them.

The icing on the cake comes from the AT Overland Summit camper, which is lightweight and offers the basic amenities you need, as well as a giant skylight. Paired with the Goose Gear storage system and the included camping gear, all that’s left to bring is your surfboard (the rack is already there!), a swimsuit, credit card, and passport, and you’re on your way.

Here are more details, directly from the seller:

2018 Ford Raptor stock except for:
  • Deaver HD spring pack to accommodate extra weight
  • 3 ARB Infinity LED off-road lights
  • Tuffy dual compartment locking storage box, beneath rear seats
  • Falken Wild Peak A/T3W LT315/70R17 tires
  • 3M OD Green wrap over white truck
  • A/T Overland Summit Camper
  • 170-watt solar panel with Victron controller
  • National Luna Power Pack with Group 31 AGM battery
  • National Luna 50 L fridge/freezer with dual controls
  • Extra LED and 12V outlets
  • Insulated removable camper blanket
  • Goose Gear Habitat Camp Kitchen with slide-out for fridge and stove
  • Goose Gear Habitat storage cabinets and drawer modules
  • 2 Tread recovery boards

Now, let’s talk a bit about the price since that’s the most important factor for most potential buyers. The seller is now asking $75,000 for the whole package. A quick search on AutoTrader reveals that you can get a stock 2018 Raptor with similar mileage for about $50k to $60k, or even more, depending on the options. This one seems to be very well optioned, so we would imagine it could fetch at least $60k by itself.

Then if you very approximatively add the AT Overland Summit camper for $10K+, the Goose Gear cabinets and Habitat modules for another $7K+, National Luna fridge, solar panel, Eezy-Awn awning, taxes, installation, etc., and you quickly have well over $85k into this package.

So we think the value makes a lot of sense at the $75000 asking price.

The second most important factor would be the weight or lack thereof. In this case, while we don’t have the official figure, a quick calculation shows that the vehicle should be within the limit. According to AT Overland website, the Summit starts at around 340 pounds. Add another 200 pounds for the Goose Gear System and a few hundred more for the fridge, stove, accessories, etc., and it should still be below the rated 1,200 pounds for a crew cab version. And with the added Denver HD leaf pack, the handling should remain pretty good too.

The wrap may not be to everyone’s taste, but hopefully, it has helped protect the paint underneath and can be removed (we’ve never tried that, though).

It’s almost unfortunate that I just bought a Ford Transit AWD, as I consider this truck a tempting buy.

If you are interested in this vehicle, see this thread on the forum or contact us for the seller’s personal email.

Christian got the overlanding bug back in the 1990s when working in and exploring West Africa, and it never left since. He has been involved with Expedition Portal and Overland Journal since the early days and has seen the market grow and explod in the last few years. When he is not snowboarding or mountain biking, he is browsing the Internet to bring you the best overland vehicles on the plantet - here on Expo and on Instagram.