2018 Ford Raptor, 48K miles w/ AT Overland Summit, Goose Gear Interior, National Luna Fridge, and more.

Hi ExPo,

I'm listing this for a friend/customer of ours. Disclaimer, I work for Equipt Expedition Outfitters and I offered to list this truck, here on the forums, for our customer because he is not on the boards. I'm doing this as a favor, this is not a vehicle being sold by Equipt. If this is not permitted, per the rules, let me know.

Jack is selling his 2018 Ford Raptor with 48K miles, fully outfitted with AT Overland Summit, full Goose Gear interior, National Luna 50L fridge and National Luna Portable Power Pack dual battery system. The truck was wrapped in OD green by the previous owner and was originally white. As far as I'm aware, our customer is the second owner of the vehicle which I will confirm.

In addition to the above modifications, there are three ARB lights mounted to a light bar on the bumper, three sets of Baja Designs lights in the bumper, a Garmin GPS, Eezi Awn Bat 270 awning, Victron Solar Controller and a Sunpower 170w solar panel hard mounted to the roof between the roof rack rails. There was a BedRug installed beneath the Goose Gear base plate for insulation purposes. The Partner Steel stove will not be included.

The rear leaf springs have been swapped to Deaver heavy duty leafs.

Tires are 315/70SR17 Falken AT3s

Location: Heber City, Utah.

The camper was purchased through Equipt Expedition Outfitters in SLC, UT in October 2019, the interior was built out by us, at that time.

Our customer has used this truck to complete a handful of the western BDR routes and explore locally, here in Utah. He is moving on to something larger for him and his wife.

This is a turn key overland vehicle, it is ready to go. I can personally attest to the condition of the vehicle and the care he puts into the truck. The wrap is scratched and has minor blemishes from being used off road but there is no damage to the truck or camper. He's over 70 guys, this isn't some young kid's race truck, he's not beating the hell out of this vehicle.

UPDATED PRICING- Jack is asking $80K. Updated to $78K to match the dealer's listed price. Owner say price is negotiable.

No known defects.

If you're interested, please contact me and I will pass along the necessary contact information to get ahold of Jack. It is currently at a local Ford dealership and their listing can be found below. I can provide specs on the Summit build and the Goose Gear componentry as well.

Please reach out with any questions, I will do my best to answer on behalf of the owner and if further details are required, I will get you in touch with him. If additional photos are requested, let me know and I will post more photos in this listing.




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Having 3rd party involved like this has never worked out for me unless 3trd party can put you in direct touch with owner.

Also sign they don't really want to sell.


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It says right in the ad that they'll connect you to the seller. Not sure it's worth jumping to conclusions this early in the game folks.

Anyway, great looking setup! Hoping for something similar in the future.
Having 3rd party involved like this has never worked out for me unless 3trd party can put you in direct touch with owner.

Also sign they don't really want to sell.
The truck is already at the dealership, the customer has already purchased another camper. The truck is being sold. The ad literally says I will put you in touch with the owner.

Why doesn't Jack just sign up?
Jack may have an account but he told me he does not own a computer. I frequent the board so I offered. He's seen the post, maybe we'll get him signed up!

Not jumping to conclusions at all just giving you my experience. I have given up on at least 3 "middleman" sales.
If anyone is interested, PM me. You can talk details with the owner from there.

Was just wondering. No conclusions. Took me months to get the right fit and still had to deal with shady people or just people not being upfront about condition. Not saying 3rd party is shady, not been down that road yet and there could be lots of reasons why. Figured I'd put it out there as it might help the seller get better responses, not going to be the only person thinking that.
I'm not real sure what fit you're talking about here, if anyone wants to be put in touch with the owner, they can let me know.


I will not be facilitating the purchase or sale of this vehicle nor will I be involved past getting someone in touch with the owner. All I am doing is facilitating contact with the owner. If there is serious someone with interest, this doesn't seem be a major issue in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe that's the point of the rules stating "sellers must be in possession of the vehicle". But I am not the seller, just trying to get the vehicle in front of the right group of people and the right set of eyes. The Ford dealership in Heber City, UT will only have so much visibility for a unique vehicle like this.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. Like I said, if there is serious interest, you will be talking to the owner, not me. I haven't had anyone ask for contact information or ask to have their contact information passed along so I'm assuming there aren't any serious inquiries so far.


Fit for me as in the right vehicle. Sorry wasn't interested myself, read posts to learn more, admire, etc. I'm glad you're helping Jack out, the world needs more kindness :) GLWS