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Overland Classifieds :: Brand-new 2006 Ford E450 6.0 Ambulances—10 of them.

What if we could tell you that we had found several brand-new (less than 15 miles) 2006 Ford E450 Ambulances that have never been put in service? Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, keep reading because this is one unreal story that we can share with you after a firsthand discussion with the seller. It all started around 2006 when his company was contracted to purchase and convert over 20 ambulances for a very large city in Quebec. One could say the largest one. As it sometimes happens with government bureaucracy, priorities changed, delays were incurred, lawyers got involved, lawsuits ensued, things took forever to settle, and here we are, 15 years later. The company finally got the go-ahead to sell these ambulances, for which the conversion work was never completed. They already sold 4 or 5 of them, and they have 8 to 10 left in different stages of completion.

So, if you are looking for one of the most robust platforms in North America to build your next camper, this could very well be it. The asking price is $16,000 USD or $20,000 Ca.  You can barely get a 30-year-old Vanagon with 300,000 miles for that price. Unfortunately, they are not 4×4. However, companies such as U-Joint Offroad are able to provide the right components for a perfect conversion. At $16,000 USD each, even adding $10-$15k for a 4×4 installation is going to put you well under a comparable offering on the market and leave plenty of room for additional camping equipment.

As the seller rightly pointed out to us, these units were required to go through stringent crash and environment tests, unlike most RVs. That means the box, all the heating and A/C components, wiring, etc., are built to the highest standards. Apparently, the federal government-approved crash and safety testing on the rear box was over $800,000. Some of these even come with a rear diesel heater pre-installed.

Another main benefit of these units is that unlike many other ambulances on the market, they have never actually been in use. We are not aware of an episode of Discovery Ghost Lab chasing paranormal sightings inside an ambulance, but it may still be reassuring to know that you will be the first person to sleep in it.

So let’s address the elephant in the room—the 6.0 engine. We all know that it does not have the same reliability reputation as the venerable 7.3. But by now, all of the issues have been well documented, and solid fixes are widely available. The first modification should be to upgrade the Oil and EGR coolers.  With a little attention, you should be able to make it “bulletproof” for many exciting miles.

Check this great guide for more information:


Of course, one would expect to do a bit of regular maintenance before hitting the road. But 2006 being pre-emissions for diesel, the core components such as the transmission should be fairly robust and untouched by time. And the seller insists that, until 2013, they had been started every month following the strict Ford procedure (Ford’s long time storage procedure Q-125-R1). He mentioned that the last four they sold started right up. Seriously, just look at this frame on a cutaway.

Here are the exact specs:

• MY: 2006 E-450 SD Cutaway, DRW 158-inch wheelbase
• Engine: 8-cylinder 6.0L Super-Duty turbo-diesel
• Transmission: 5-speed automatic AOD
• Mileage: less than 25 kilometers (15 miles)
• Exterior color: yellow, emergency vehicle local regulation
• Interior color: grey
• Drive type: RWD
• Body style: Specialty Vehicle Ambulance Prep package (47A)
• Fuel: diesel
• Vehicle Trim: E-450 Super-Duty 158″ WB, DRW
• Features: 2006 Model Year Preferred Equipment Package 782A, 6.0L Diesel Engine, Electronic 5-SPD AOD, Interior Upgrade Package, Captain Chair Dual, Power Locks/Windows, Cutaway Insulation Package, Vinyl Floor Covering, Front Cloth Captain Chairs, 14500LBS GVWR, Special Paint FORD w7600 option, Ambulance Prep Package: 4.10 Ratio Limited Slip Axle, Front License Plate Bracket Frame Pucks (Isolators), Alternators Dual (140A+120A), Front GAWR 4600 LBS, Spare Tire Wheel, Speed Control, Aux. A/C-HTR Conn. Package W/CTRLS, Front Bumper Painted Black, Power Driver Seat. Exterior: Daytime Running Lights, Glass Solar Tinted, Grille Platinum, Headlamps Halogen, Tires LT225/75/R16E BSW, Wipers, Fixed Interval, Velvac Mirrors Type 2020 good for 96’’ body width. Interior: Cup Holders (4), Grab handles Driver/Pass., Light & Convenience Group, Tachometer, Engine Console Cover Slim, AM/FM Stereo W/Clock, ABS, Power 4-Wheel Disc, Engine Block Heater, Handling Package, Steering, Power and Tilt Wheel, Suspension Twin I-Beam FRT, Airbag Driver & Pass, Safety Belt Adjustable, Power Outlet.



If nothing else, we have learned from our friend Matt Scott’s (mis)adventure with his EarthRoamer that a crate 6.0 engine can cost up to $20,000. Ask him how he knows.

The seller has provided an image of a past buyer who modified his with a 4×4 kit and a 2012+ front end. We must say that we like the result very much.

The vehicles are located in Quebec, Canada. The seller is willing to assist with selling to USA buyers. You may even be able to get a package deal if you buy several.

Check this thread for more info, or contact us for the seller’s detail.

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