Overland Classifieds :: 2003 Mercedes G55 AMG (aka Geländewagen)

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is a phrase typically attributed to Aristotle. If he was still around, he would have probably used it for the vehicle we are presenting here today.

What we have is a two-owner 2003 Mercedes G55 AMG that has been tastefully and adequately modified. It was used and enjoyed for what it was designed for—long, extensive overland travel. We can only imagine all the memories that have been created with it, and we feel like there will be many more to come.

This particular Mercedes was bought new in Chicago but moved to the West Coast early enough in his mileage life that any unfortunate exposure to road salt would be long washed away by now. The current mileage reads at about 124,000 miles which nowadays is considered low mileage for many vehicles, and more so for a G-Wagen.

These miles include trips down to Baja and all the way up to the Arctic Circle. Based on these two trips, it is safe to assume that it is in good working condition, but as with any used vehicle, you’ll want to perform your own inspection before handing over payment.

We know that someone is serious about their vehicle when they create a specific website for it: www.vagabondingg.com

The vehicle was extremely well prepared for any adventure and the list of included accessories reads like our own Overland Journal Gear Guide.

Front Runner Accessories

Gullwing windows
Roof rack
Rack cargo shocks
Front flood light
Rear flood light
Shovel mount
Cargo drawers
Table slides
Shower arm


Roof access ladder
Spare wheel locker

Quick Pitch Accessories

QUICK-EN-SUITE camp shower

Fourby Club Accessories

Front and rear window vents
Rear mud flaps

Blueridge Overland Gear Accessories


ARB Accessories

On-board air compressor

WeBoost Accessories

Vehicle cell phone signal booster


The owner claims that it has always been garaged (when not overlanding) and maintained properly. We like that nothing was done “over-the-top.” As we always say, keeping your vehicle as stock as possible is the best way to ensure long-term reliability. The only default we can find—by no fault to the owner—is the high fuel consumption. You may want to think about it in terms of “smiles per gallon.”

If you ever need even more inspiration, take a look at this Expo Classic (~2012) video from our Scott Brady.


Honestly, at the $34,000 asking price, this will probably be sold by the time you see this ad.
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