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Building a Pinnacle Vehicle: Overland Journal ’s Land Rover Discovery I SD – Part I

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal, Fall 2008. I still remember the article about the 1991 Camel Trophy. The words and images are as visible in my mind today as the first time I saw them. I had casually picked up a 4WD publication from a newsstand. Thumbing through its pages,…

36 Hours of Adventure: Sand and Seas

Our plan was to make it to the beach before dark, so naturally we arrived well after it. I had expected as much. Something about keeping to a schedule while escaping meetings, emails, and calendars just doesn’t jive with me. Unfortunately, navigating the unfamiliar shores of an island at night doesn’t jive well either, so…

Field Tested: Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

For decades the welded steel roof-rack has enabled automotive travelers to carry the fuel and supplies necessary for long journeys, but as the needs of enthusiasts change, so to must their equipment. Modern adventurers now expect a lighter and more aerodynamic cargo system—one that is as well suited to their daily commute as it is…