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Gear Scout: Flexitank

Water. It is arguably the single most important item you can bring for your health and safety on a trip. It regulates your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and cleanses impurities from your system, yet for some reason it is often under-packed or overlooked when planning for an off-road excursion. The fact is that water…


Gear of the Year – 4WD Equipment 2011 – Overland Awards

The overland market is growing at a rapid pace, which is providing for innovation and a wide range of new products.  As a result, the team at Expedition Portal has started an industry award, Gear of the Year for multiple categories (each featured in a different article) and based upon their price point, with a…

Engel Fridge Installation

I have found through the years that a freezer/fridge is an essential comfort accessory for vehicle dependent expedition travel.  While traveling in Mexico it can be difficult to find ice, and food is often spoiled, or damage from the water that has collected in the cooler.  For a minor weight penalty (over a traditional cooler…