comparo: Kindle Fire vs. iPad vs. iPhone

Kindle Fire for Adventure Travel

As long-time Amazon Prime members, we ordered an early release Kindle Fire for evaluation.  Given the form factor, we considered its suitability for adventure travel.  Being just in the middle of the iPad and iPhone on…

Deaver Spring 10 Leaf Pack

Deaver Spring Manufacturing, Custom 10 Leaf Pack   Sierra Madre of Mexico       Full military wrap and tapered ends   Just the thickness of the springs adds an inch over stock height    …

Toyota Tacoma Demello Rock Sliders

Toyota Tacoma Demello Rock Sliders       Fully welded .120 wall 1.75″ tubing   .25″ plates and gussets     Rock Slider Benefits Rocker Protection is one of the most critical modifications to be added…

Columbia Overland: An Interview with Larry Grubbs

Columbia Overland: An interview with Larry Grubbs

Columbia Overland is a premium vehicle outfitter located in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in Land Rover service and modifications for all popular overland platforms. Their reputation has been built by producing high-quality skid plates, suspension components and interior panels for Rovers, but that ingenuity has extended to the Toyota Tacoma as well with their new dual-battery tray. Their line of products extend from campaign furniture to satellite phones.

We spent some time with Larry Grubbs, one of the company principles talking about their product offerings and design/testing philosophy.