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Honda CX500 Cafe Racer front

Rescue Build on 1983 Honda CX500 Café Racer

When Tom Gilroy, founder of Gold Coast, Australia’s, Purpose Built Moto, took on a rescue build for a Honda CX500, he inherited a challenge. The bike came to him through a customer who’d had a bad experience with a former custom motorcycle designer, and the dream build didn’t turn out how the customer had imagined….

motorcycle hitch mount

Five Lightweight Motorcycle Options for Vehicle Hitch-mounts

There are many reasons why riders might want to transport a motorcycle by vehicle: maybe you need to take your bike to the dealer for repairs or want to get from A to B without riding hours on the interstate. For example, if you live in Washington and want to ride the Colorado BDR, you’re…

carrying extra fuel on motorcycle

10 Solutions for Carrying Extra Fuel on Motorcycles and Off-road Vehicles

Updated April 28, 2021. Many overlanders have a conundrum—how to carry extra fuel for those far-from-it-all excursions we all dream about. Carrying gas or diesel safely is even more of an issue: gone are the good old days of filling up plastic Coke bottles and strapping them to your overland rig or ADV ride. Even…

never ride alone film

Video of the Week: Never Ride Alone

There are few humans out there willing to endure physical hardship like Scott Englund in Never Ride Alone. But watching this film, I understood him; I understand the desire to attain something everyone else thinks is crazy—a goal that takes up so much space in your brain there is no longer room for reason, so…

horizons unlimited HUMM 2021

Horizons Unlimited HUMM Event and Travellers Meeting, 2021

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) Cascades 2021 Event Described as “the best 48 hours of my life” by one participant (who later had to apologize to his wife for saying that), Horizons Unlimted’s HUMM event is essentially a make-your-own-adventure, off-road scavenger hunt. Riders form teams of two or four and spend two days chasing tags through…

Gloves Mandatory for Motorcycle Riders in Spain

Spain’s director general of traffic (DGT) has passed a law that requires all motorcycle riders and pillions wear gloves. The DGT was working on mandating every rider wear an airbag, but that idea was dropped in favor of gloves—not quite apples to apples, but perhaps they’re looking to start small and work up.   The…

dirty for good 2021

Wanted: Riders Willing To Get Dirty!

Dirty For Good—Female Focused, Situational Trail Training/Fundraising Tour in Haverhill, New Hampshire, August 22-27, 2021 Hosted by SheADV and Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, the Dirty For Good Situational Trail Training/Fundraising venue is aimed to attract female dual-sport riders at the intermediate level. Dirty For Good provides real-life training experience on Vermont Sections 5 and then 4 of the North East Backcountry…

canadian border patrol route in okanagan

Canadian Border Patrol—A 250-mile Dual-sport Route

This article was updated, April 20. Canada’s Okanagan Valley, located in southwest British Columbia, is known for its delicious wines and juicy fruits. Also considered a desert by Canadian standards—hot, dry, and filled with people wearing toques and sandals—the Okanagan Valley is surrounded by pine forests, lakes, and provincial parks, which makes it ideal for…

SILK WAY RALLY motorcycle 2019

Silk Way Rally—July 1-11 Through Russia and Mongolia

With cautious optimism, the world is slowly reopening for in-person events, and the Silk Way Rally sounds like an adventurous challenge to put on your calendar. The race travels through Russia and Mongolia and is scheduled for July 1-11 with 10 stages. Course highlights include new sections not previously in the rally, for example, Russia’s…

hard case motorcycle luggage pros and cons

Hard or Soft? A Quick and Dirty Review of Motorcycle Luggage

Editor’s Note: This post was previously published on SheADV.com One of the most important gear items to have on your bike is sturdy, waterproof luggage. Your gear is useless if it’s exposed to the extreme elements of riding unprotected. Over the course of two years, I tried three different motorcycle luggage setups: one was a…

cover american borders

Book Review :: American Borders by Carla King

There’s nothing like anger to fuel the fires within. When Carla King’s husband kept vacillating about joining her for a motorcycle trip through Europe, Carla took matters into her own hands. She went by herself. Realizing her marriage was faltering, 28-year-old Carla was heartbroken, but this event would be the catalyst she needed to restart…

Rev’it adventure gear

REV’IT’s 2021 Spring/summer Apparel Line

One of the best aspects of Rev’It gear is its diversity; both the male and female menus have many options for riding jackets, pants, jeans, and more. This is one of several reasons I chose Rev’It as my one and only suit while riding through 40 countries around the world. You can read a review…


Moto Guzzi—the Legendary Eagle Brand—Celebrates 100 Years in Business (1921-2021)

On March 15, 1921, along the shores of Lake Como, Italy, a company called “Società Anonima Moto Guzzi” started a business in “the fabrication and sale of motorcycles, and all other activities pertinent or correlated to the metalworking and mechanical engineering industries.” The company remains there today and just celebrated 100 years in business. Moto…

adventure palooza 2021

Adventure Palooza 2021

Moto events around the nation are springing up at this time of year, enticing us to hop on bikes and get out there. Adventure Palooza 2021 has just opened registration for a Midwest event running September 24-26. Adventure Palooza 2021, as it states on their website, will “test your ability [to] navigate your adventure bike,…

all-female motorcycle rides

Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride

Happy International Women’s Day! This summer, women will travel across the USA on motorcycles to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. The Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride starts in Portland, Oregon, on July 31 and ends August 20 in Arlington, Virginia. The largest women’s motorcycle event in 2021 will be led by one…

Women's motorcycle conference 2021

Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online March 12-13

I attended the Women’s Motorcycle Conference online in 2020. One of my biggest takeaways was how much support and accessibility is out there for female riders. Conferences like this serve not only to bring awareness to the fact that, Yes! Women ride bikes, and not just tiny, cute ones, but also help those very women…