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Super Strong Crash Bars from AltRider for the Ténéré 700

I’ve had three different types of crash bars on my GS bikes: one set stuck out so much, I could use them like highway pegs to rest my feet—a plus on long rides, but not so great for when I wanted my bike as svelte as possible.

The sleek new bars designed by moto mod legends, AltRider, for the new Ténéré 700, are impressive looking. I like how they sit almost flush with the fairing; it’s like they’re not even there. A lot of time and ingenuity went into these new AltRider crash bars, and it shows.

AltRider crash bars for tenere 700

AltRider gives a full description below on the crash bar construction for one of the most popular ADV bikes on the market today.

If you’re looking for additional protection, see AltRider’s skid and optional linkage guard here.

AltRider Press Release: In a sea of bloated adventure bikes, the Ténéré 700 has proven itself to be a special bike. For that reason, the design process for T7 crash bars has been a thrilling, but challenging experience. We’ve been busy in the shop and busy in the dirt with our own T7 hitting the ground way more than we care to admit.

AltRider crash bars for tenere

The AltRider T7 crash bars use full 1 in (25.4mm) stainless steel tube throughout the entire crash bar with no crushing of the bar at the bends or welds.

This is important because as we’ve all heard, a circle is extremely strong as its round shape maintains constant pressure on all sides; just like you can’t crush an egg in your hands.

The lower crash bars mount to six hard points on the frame (3 on each side), that create an extremely solid mounting foundation for the full system.

The uppers tie into the lowers with custom stainless steel cast clamps and a channeled bracket that will transfer energy to the sub-frame. This creates a smart, and extremely robust design intended to distribute the load of any impact over both sides of the crash bar system.

Our bars follow the lines of the bike for an attractive look and tight profile, while maintaining enough space for the bars to flex a bit when a heavy impact occurs. And as always, you’ll find AltRider crash bars to be a straight-forward install. Available in a silver bead-blasted stainless steel or powder coat black finish.

We always encourage our fellow ADV riders to compare our products to any of the competition; it doesn’t take much to see why AltRider is the industry leader.

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