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Coke Ovens Trail

The rain started to fall heavily at 8:30 am, sending the participants of AZRocks running for the cover of tarps and their vehicles. The wet conditions changed many of the run plans, and I suggested a group run to the Coke Ovens and out through box canyon. It is a relatively easy trail, made somewhat more difficult by the water. Several other drivers were up for the route and lined up. We left camp under a downpour with seven vehicles.… read more »

Jack of All Trades

There are towns in the world that shine as frontiers for overland travel: Moab, Ulaanbaatar, Maun, Arusha, Perth. There are other examples, but they all have something in common: superb 4WD vehicles outfitted for true function. Walk down the streets and you see the the different makes—Toyota, Land Rover, UAZ, Jeep, Mercedes, many you didn't know existed—and the local nuances of preparation: tire choice, roof racks or no, bull bars or no. Winches? Sand mats? All this you compare to… read more »

Field Tested: Helle Eggen

In an age of 3D printing and automated production, it’s easy to forget the halcyon days of manufacturing when quality goods came to life only through the dedicated efforts of master craftsmen. Helle knives is one of the last remaining holdouts determined to not let the legacy of tradecraft slip through their skilled hands. Founded by brothers Steiner and Sigmund Helle in 1932, their knives are still produced in a small facility in Holmedal, Norway, much as they have been… read more »

Project Titan is Ready for Alaska

It’s more than just a great truck, it’s a unique project for a worthy cause. For the last two months, Nissan has worked in conjunction with their extensive Facebook fan base to collaborate on a one-off custom build of a 2014 Titan Crew Cab Pro-4X pickup. Through Facebook, Nissan asked their fans what they wanted in the truck officially dubbed as “Project Titan,” and this was the end result.   Built to take on the Alaskan wilderness, Project Titan will… read more »

La Aduana: 2000 Jeep TJ V8

We all love the AEV Jeeps. Whether you own a Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, or otherwise, a big V8 in a platform that can flex its way through about any trail is just plain cool. The price however, is a little less so. Luckily for you, our team has found a solution at a fraction of the cost. This 2000 TJ has been rebuilt from the ground up with the goals of performance, reliability, and daily use in mind. Inspired by… read more »

Expedition Portal Project: Range Rover Sport – The Build

If you read the first article in this series, you’ll know my goal was to create a highly capable vehicle on the trail while still maintaining a comfortable every day driver. After looking at several options I came to the satisfying, albeit questionable, decision of a Range Rover Sport. In its stock form the car was certainly capable and a bit lavish, but it needed some modifying before transforming into an overland home for two. Performance & Self Support Our… read more »

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