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Field Tested: Primus OmniFuel Stove

When purchasing a new camping stove there are a number of critical decisions to be made, the most important of which is selecting the fuel source you plan to burn. This is less of a concern if you happen to own a Primus OmniFuel stove, in which case you can burn just about any fuel you can get your hands on. Designed to burn a variety of liquid fuels including white gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel, it also… read more »

Westx1000: Secrets of the Strait

I met Andy Audette on Washington’s western coast one summer, maybe four years ago. The sound of a big cylinder diesel is what I remember most.  A cream colored Ford with an Alaskan Camper stuffed into the truck bed pulled up and tucked itself into a spot right in front of the ocean. From inside the cab came an attractive young woman carrying a newborn baby, an eight year old boy and Andy. The top of the Alaskan came up… read more »

Overland Expo 2015: Day 3

The final day of this year's Overland Expo brought with it the warm temperatures and sunshine most people expected of Northern Arizona. Despite a slightly thinned crowed, vendors and attendees filled the walkways and the driving course again resumed its activities. The better weather gave us a chance to look closer at some of the show's more interesting offerings.   The demand for adventure bikes of all sizes has seen a number of manufacturers scrambling to develop new platforms. Honda,… read more »

Overland Expo 2015: Day Two

Day two of this year's event started off under a blanket of fresh snow, but that didn't stop the crowds from showing up bright and early to take in the many exhibits and classes. While the campground had thinned overnight as some attendees retreated to warmer and dryer accommodations, most held fast and endured the worst of the storm.   If there is a noticeable change in this year's event it would be with the increased number of campers and… read more »

Overland Expo 2015: Day One

    For those of us who have never missed an Overland Expo event, we recall years with high winds, hot temperatures, plenty of nice blue sky,  but not one with snow. As the first day of the 2015 show came to a close, fat snowflakes started to accumulate. Overlanders being who they are, took the weather in stride, bundling up and smiling through weather's worst.   Despite the marginal weather, the attendance was better than expected, and today should… read more »

Featured Vehicle: ARB’s Toyota Tacoma

It would be safe to say, no other pickup in North America has been so openly embraced by the overlander as the Toyota Tacoma. Our alternative to the Hilux, the Tacoma has proven itself time and again as a star performer on and off road. With its renowned reliability, excellent built quality, and better than average resale values, the Tacoma will remain a fan favorite for years to come.   Realizing the potential of the Tacoma, ARB has produced a number… read more »

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