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Land Cruising Adventures

Dutch by citizenship, this duo now calls the road home, and those along the route their neighbors. Traveling since 2003, they have covered tens of thousands of miles in their Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45.

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Overlanders Share Their Favorite Apps

Mobile apps are designed to improve our lives and provide us with readily available information. This is especially helpful while travelling. Hundreds of new apps are popping up left, right, and centre, so we connected with our fellow overlanders to help narrow down the search. Google Maps, iOverlander, and Maps.me were crowd favorites, and nearly every overlander we connected with…

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

“…as woman, I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” -Virginia Woolf Six months ago I became the “woman behind the phone” managing the Women Overlanding the World Instagram account. On that site, I share tales and photographs sent from women adventuring all over the globe. It is a privilege…

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What We Have Learned From European Overlanders

We had the best seat in the house to witness the sunset and for the following day’s hot air balloon show, which was scheduled to arrive as the sun rose, a hundred multicolored balloons competing in an endless Turkish sky. Parked on the rim of a canyon overlooking Cappadocia in central Turkey, we watched bemused as a relatively large white…

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When Bridges Collapse

“Forget about it. We just came from there. The bridge is gone. Repairs are going to take weeks.” Two Dutch motorcyclists, Bart and Renate, on their way from Ecuador to Ushuaia, gave us the news. We met them in Huanchaco, a beach town in Peru, one of those places where travelers intend to stay for a day or two but…

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Overlanding in the Snows of Japan

It took Coen 10 minutes to clear the roof, hood, and winch of a thick layer of snow. It had become part of a ritual now that we were on Hokkaido, the northernmost and coldest island of Japan, in the middle of the winter. Meanwhile, I packed everything away inside the Land Cruiser. The engine jumped to life—it had no…

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How To Build an Inexpensive Rear-door Awning

“Gosh, how I love that small awning,” Karin-Marijke exclaimed, raising her voice above the noise from the rain pelting on the canvas. She stood cooking outside but stayed dry. “How come it took us this long to build one?” I had pondered that question myself and reflected on the start of our trip. The first couple of years we mostly…

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Head to Head: Motocycle vs. Truck Travel, Which is Best?

Hard as it is to believe, the first wheeled circumnavigation of the globe occurred in 1886 when Thomas Henry Stevens rode his penny farthing bicycle from San Francisco to Yokohama, Japan. It wasn’t for many years later, in 1908 as part of the New York to Paris Race, when George Schuster became the first man to drive a car around…

Man and Machine - Land Cruiser driving in a field of rocks

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Man and Machine in Nature’s Remotest Landscapes :: Rock Crawling Georgia

“Arie, Arie!” the man called out to Coen, and “Harie, Harie!” to Nico, motioning both to join his party. However, Coen remained in the front seat of the Land Cruiser, engrossed in a phone call, while Nico was wrapping up tasks in his vehicle. The fact that Joska and I were sitting next to the man, who had taken a…

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Overland Events and Rallies You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer

AMERICAN NORTHWEST Northwest Overland Rally When: June 15-18, 2023 Where: Leavenworth, WA The Northwest Overland Rally caters to keeners curious about anything from winching to photography, off-pavement driving skills, or seasoning your cast-iron pot. Join a wine-tasting, whiskey-sharing, or happy hour session before the evening’s lively campfire presentation and raffle. The event is intimate and community-oriented and lives up to…

Eeziawn cube

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Is the Eezi-Awn Cube the Ultimate Shower Enclosure?

I was recently in South Africa, overlanding through Mapungubwe in the north, which is settled along the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Limpopo River flows through there, and the region is packed with mega-fauna.  The goal of the trip was to test the new Hilux and also evaluate the cadre of new equipment from National Luna, Eezi-Awn, and others….

@desktoglory instagram

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The Top 25 Instagram Overland Accounts

#Instagram for days! Our 25 Favorite Overland Adventurers Instagram is ripe with inspiration for both the traveler and the photographer, and there are some accounts that just do it better. Our best 25 overlanding list focuses on the real travelers and world-class photographers that post (mostly) original content. Not all accounts are overland heavy or filled with perfectly composed images,…