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  • Author: Nik Schulz

VOTD: Winter Off-roading in the Nevada Desert

{youtube}hs-qVTOOtVE{/youtube} via West County Explorers Club: Here’s an interesting video of a group of friends off-roading in the Nevada desert. Three of the guys bring Gen2 Monteros to the party. Another brings a Gen3. The last brings a G-wagen. A couple of things interest me about it. For one, we get to see how two…

VOTD: Motonomad, Austria to Egypt on a KTM 500EXC


via West County Explorers Club: This promo film is amazing. Two guys, Adam Riemann and his friend Mark, ride two KTM 500EXCs 7,000kms (4,350 miles) from Austria to Egypt in 32 days days, filming as they go. They have no support crew and no back-up vehicles. Everything they bring, they carry on their backs or their bikes. That’s thousands of miles overlanding on a couple of 500cc dirt bikes. Awesome.

The full-length Motonomad film is scheduled to be released next year. The aerial shots were filmed with an XAircraft X650 quadcopter. Hat’s off to these guys.

More Vintage Land Cruiser Ads

via West County Explorers Club: If you’re interested in vintage Land Cruiser brochures, ads, manuals and articles from around the world, there’s a veritable treasure trove over in the IH8MUD forum. Check out this post. The post covers the classics: FJ40, FJ55, and FJ60. There are also some lesser-known models. Blizzard, anyone? Check out the…