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video of the week everyman's overlander

The Everyman’s Overlander — Video of the Week

By the time I sat down with Pat Rich for a plate of tacos near his home in a Salt Lake City suburb in 2021, we had known each other for eight years and yet had never seen one another in the flesh. Thus is it often with internet friends. We first crossed paths in…

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk—The Ultimate Overland Grand Cherokee?

Scott Brady reviews the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Trailhawk, which has proven to be the most comfortable and capable Grand Cherokee ever released. From the center and rear locking differentials to the 31-inch tires, multi-height airbag suspension, and driver-selectable front sway bar disconnect to the 30-mile electric-only range and road-trip comfort—this may be the…

finding shackleton

Finding Shackleton :: Video of the Week

Dana grew up in Zambia, where she and her family spent time camping in Luangwa. Her parents drove an old Land Rover and pitched tents in the bush, providing perfect opportunity for barefoot wanders through the grass. Fond memories and time spent in Zambia’s wild places laid the groundwork for her love of overland travel….

Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail

Hardest Overland Trail in North America

The title of this video, “Hardest Overland Trail in North America (We Almost Died),” at first appears to be run-of-the-mill YouTube clickbait, which it is. However, after the first slow fifteen minutes, the action clips up a notch, and the viewer is drawn in by the landscapes’ beauty, the traveler’s affable character, and the trail’s…

Patriot Campers X3 Trailer at camp

Patriot Campers X3 Trailer Delivers Overland Capability and Comfort

Patriot Campers X3 Trailer is their most comfortable and luxurious trailer to date, combining Patriot’s legendary capability and durability with a live-inside camper. Complete with a queen-size mattress, the X3 includes a separate changing and sitting area, forced air heater, and interior storage. Additional systems include a diesel water heater, full outside galley, and extensive…

Toyota Fj Cruiser in Baja

Video of the Week :: “Overlanding to Mexico” by Independence Overland

It’s no secret that I have a big soft spot for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, so the chance to watch a film featuring not one but two adventure-ready examples was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Independence Overland, aka Tyler and Natalia (nfamousphoto.com), are based out of Colorado and are best known for their adventures in…

Mojave Desert

Video :: Preserving and Exploring the East Mojave Heritage Trail

Long-time denizens of Expedition Portal certainly will know our old friend and frequent contributor, Chris Cordes. Now with onX Maps, Chris has turned his passion for off-road exploration into a career helping others find their own way to unknown places. One such place is the American Southwest’s Mojave Desert. A sprawling patchwork of diverse landscapes,…

Samburuland Kenya

Video :: Bruce Dorn Captures the Stunning Beauty of Samburuland

Many of you know Bruce Dorn from his countless overland exploits around the globe, including being the primary cinematographer for the Expeditions 7 epics. Bruce is a Legend member of the Canon Explorers of Light, a member of the DGA, and a long-time contributor to both Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. Please enjoy his recent video…

Can Your Overland Videos Send You to Jail?

Last spring, I woke early to start a long day’s hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the south rim’s Bright Angel trail. Just a few switchbacks down from the historic Kolb brothers’ studio (famous in their own right as filmmakers), my eye caught subtle but deliberate movement in the pre-dawn light. A…

Nat Geo’s Incredible “Wild Life” Documentary Premiers April 14th, 2023

Anyone who has had the great pleasure of exploring Patagonia and the terminus of the Andes mountain range in southern Chile will know that this is a land of unspeakable beauty and natural abundance, a simultaneously powerful and fragile diverse range of ecosystems. There are two ways to exploit this land’s natural resources – one…