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VOTD: One Lucky Base Jumper

Ever had a rough day? This video will put that in perspective. It’s important to note, the jumper in this video survived, albeit with multiple injuries including a compressed vertebra, oodles of stitches, and bruises. We wish him a speedy recovery.

VOTD: Offroad People, Ural

If you ride motorcycles…heck, even if you don’t, you’ll want to watch this. It’s pure Russian motorcycle mayhem. It adds new meaning to “adventure” riding.

VOTD: Colorado BDR by Touratech

Chances are, many of you are motorcycle enthusiasts with your bikes tucked away in a cozy garage as winter thwarts your riding desires. Pull up a chair and watch someone else ride for three minutes. It might make you feel better.

VOTD: Top Gear UK, The Death Road Episode

It’s Christmas, and chances are if you’re here, you have some time to on your hands. Why not spend some of it with the boys at the BBC and Top Gear UK. This is one of the best “overlandy” segments they have ever done.

The Scott Expedition: One Month In

Ben Saunders is now a month into his epic journey to the South Pole and back. He still has 1500 miles to go, which is an incredible distance to comprehend. You can follow his daily progress at http://scottexpedition.com/blog/scorchio

VOTD: Nazare Blow Up

Let’s get this out of the way. I am not a very bold, daring, or brave individual. The brand of courage on display in this video is for lack of a better word, astonishing.

VOTD: Into the Mind, Trailer 1

Somewhere in the last couple years, video production made a quantum leap. Into The Mind is a ski video, but so much more. It’s a visual journey like none other. Even the brief trailer is amazing.