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Overland News of the Week

REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Sleeping Platform

Two pieces of gear caught my attention at the Northwest Overland Rally, and REI Co-op’s Trailgate Vehicle Sleeping Platform was one of them. Car camping is arguably the most accessible form of vehicle-based travel for most, and I can see how a tiny interior could be made functional by adding a few key pieces. Available in two widths (25 and 40 inches), this sleeping platform features three sets of adjustable legs, creating a level sleeping surface to fit most wagons and mid-to full-size SUVs. Of course, the platform is multi-functional and could be used as a cot outside the vehicle.

$299 | rei.com

Cawood Anchor USA Guy Line Anchors and Stakes

During their travels through South Africa, Jen and Jared picked up some camping accessories they hadn’t discovered back home in the US. Returning to the US, others were intrigued by the guy line anchors and ground sheet stakes Jen and Jared used around camp. Cawood Anchor USA was born shortly thereafter, importing these small but mighty tools to the American market. The company made its debut at this year’s Northwest Overland Rally. Ground sheet stakes offer a low profile, preventing tripping, while the guy line anchors are uniquely shaped, allowing them to flex without pulling loose or ejecting themselves from the ground in high winds.

$22/guy line anchor (pack of 4), $15/ground sheet stakes (pack of 4), $15 | cawoodanchorusa.com

USWE Sports AB Acquires American Motorcycle Soft Luggage Company Giant Loop LLC

Swedish bag company USWE Sports AB has been acquired by Bend-based Giant Loop LLC, a Powersports brand known for its off-road motorcycle and soft luggage designs. The acquisition offers USWE a US base of operations for expansion in North America. “Our two product lines also perfectly match each other,” says Jacob Westerberg, CEO of USWE Sports. “Where USWE focuses on the rider and Giant Loop focuses on the bike gear. So far, Giant Loop has been developing soft luggage for off-road and adventure motorcycles.” For more, visit giantloopmoto.comand uswe.com.

Wyoming Whiskey National Parks No. 2 Honors 150 Years of Yellowstone

Wyoming Whiskey announced the release of its limited-edition National Parks No. 2 straight bourbon whiskey in tandem with the brand’s continuing partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park. The collaboration was born in celebration of Yellowstone National Park’s 150th anniversary. For every bottle of National Parks No. 2 soldfrom May 2022 until supplies last, Wyoming Whiskey will donate $5 (up to a maximum donation of $150,000 based on distributor depletions) to support Yellowstone Forever in preserving Yellowstone National Park for the next generation of wonderers, wanderers, and explorers.

$70 | wyomingwhiskey.com and yellowstone.org

Rugged Radios Introduces the TK3 Toyota GMRS Radio Kit

Toyota fans, rejoice! Rugged Radios has launched the TK3 Radio Kit, which is compatible with 2nd- and 3rd-Gen Tacomas, 4th- and 5th-Gen 4Runners, the 2nd-Gen Tundra, and Lexus GX470. No drilling or cutting is required as all mounts and hardware are designed to fit. Kits include the following:

  • Compact Waterproof or Powerhouse GMRS mobile radio
  • GMRS tuned antenna
  • Low-loss double-shielded antenna coax cable
  • Easy install universal interior radio mount
  • Driver side A-pillar antenna mount
  • Antenna adapter for existing A-pillar lights

$433 | ruggedradios.com

LifeStraw Peak 8-liter Gravity Filtration Systems

Designed for camping, RVing, overlanding, and adventure travel, LifeStraw’s latest product offering functions as a leakproof dromedary storage bag and water filter system capable of removing bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from water in under 10 minutes. Their 8-liter systems mark LifeStraw’s largest water capacity to date. “It was a huge goal to take the complication out of having to store and carry water separate from filtration,” said Alison Hill, CEO of LifeStraw. “This system allows for everything in one.”

$80/Peak 8L Gravity Water Filter System, $125/Peak 8L + 8L Water Filter System with Safe Water Storage | lifestraw.com

MSC Moto and Lindeco Genuine Powersports Present the Axis PRO Steering Damper Kit

Lindeco Genuine Powersports launched the MSC Moto Axis Pro Steering Damper with Down Under Mount for KTM, Husqvarna, and other off-road and motocross bikes. This PRO version of the MSC Moto Axis steering damper comes fully anodized in bright orange, with an all-new single-piece top bar clamp and all brackets anodized in deep black. The Axis steering damper is the latest in steering damper technology. Its ultra-compact design features 20 clicks of adjustment, Active Return to Center (RTC) damping, and all the standard MSC MOTO quality features like hardened steel, long-lasting linkages, and anodized billet construction.

Arden Kysely covered several premium steering dampers released by MSC Moto and Lindeco on Expedition Portal, so visit his article for more information on their 2022 offerings.

Price based on model | mscmotoamericas.com

Australian LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Deep Cycle Systems Comes to North America

Product distribution company Tiktaalik has announced the launch of battery manufacturer Deep Cycle Systems to the North American market. Located in Queensland, Australia, Deep Cycle Systems designs, develops, and manufactures LiFePO4 batteries, including the first specifically for engine bay installation and vehicle starting applications. Deep Cycle Systems also makes the first customer LiFePO4 battery capable of winching and bow thrusting applications, enabled by a maximum discharge current of 250 amps. For more information, visit tiktaalik.com.


Tired of his work commute, Heybike founder and CEO Jasion figured there must be a better way to get around. Partnering with cycling enthusiast William, the two created their first bike: the Cityscape Electric Cruiser. With a 36-volt, 10Ah large capacity battery, the cruiser has a maximum range of up to 25 miles under pure electric mode and 40 miles in pedal-assisted mode. The removable battery allows users to charge the battery on or off the bike. There’s even a USB port on board, so you can charge electronics during the ride. Heybike currently offers over 40 models of e-bikes, including mountain electric bikes, cruisers, fat bikes, and more—most models are foldable, resulting in easy transport and the ability to store in a small space.

$900-$1500 | heybike.com

Introducing the Maison Kitsuné x Helinox Collection

Paris clothing brand Maison Kitsuné and outdoor gear company Helinox have announced a new Camo Fox print camp collection, including an ultralight chair, table, and cot. Each product brings a touch of street fashion to the outdoor space, is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and durable fabrics, and is designed for easy assembly, carry, and storage. The collection is available online, at Maison Kitsuné boutiques, and at selected retailers.

$235/Chair (L), $220/Table, $590/Convertible Cot, $300/Field Office | helinox.comandmaisonkitsune.com/us/

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Ashley Giordano completed a 48,800-kilometer overland journey from Canada to Argentina with her husband, Richard, in their well-loved but antiquated Toyota pickup. On the zig-zag route south, she hiked craggy peaks in the Andes, discovered diverse cultures in 15 different countries, and filled her tummy with spicy ceviche, Baja fish tacos, and Argentinian Malbec. As Senior Editor at Overland Journal, you can usually find Ashley buried in a pile of travel books, poring over maps, or writing about the unsung women of overlanding history. @desktoglory_ash