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overland news of the week 5/7

AEV Jack Base for Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator

AEV’s jack base for Wrangler JL or Gladiator provides an additional 3.5 inches of height for the factory JL or Gladiator scissor jack. This lets users easily change tires as large as 37 inches with their factory jack. In addition to providing extra height and being compatible with Hi-Lift jacks, the jack base has a 7.5-inch by 10.5-inch footprint, creating a more stable platform on soft ground. It can even be used as a wheel chock.

The jack base will fit in the JL’s rear floor compartment, but AEV offers an under the dash mounting kit as a neat and handy stowage solution. The jack base and mounting kit are made in the USA and fit 2018+ JL Wranglers and Gladiators.

$75+ | AEV


Apex Designs 3.0 Rapid Precision Tire Valve Stems

Airing down your tires is a common necessity when tackling more challenging and technical off-highway terrain, so why not make that task easier and faster? The Apex Designs 3.0 rapid precision tire valve stems are a dedicated valve stem with an integrated cover gate which makes dumping tire pressure very quick. Apex says you can go from 35 psi to 10 psi in less than 15 seconds (assuming a 35-inch tire).

The Rapid precision tire valve stems are machined from 7075 aircraft aluminum, have Viton seals, and fit most wheels (check the Apex website for fitment guide).

$120+ | Apex Designs


Step 22 Stingray Flat Box HD

In the quest to organize and secure all of our outdoor gear in our vehicles, there are many solutions, but few are as elegant and functional as the Step 22 Stingray Flat Box HD. The Stingray is constructed from heavy-duty, 1000-denier nylon and has multiple grab handles and hook and loop patches for labeling the contents inside.

One of the most interesting elements of the Stingray’s design is its ability to collapse “flat,” reducing its footprint to 1/4 of the original size. Internal hook and loop patches let you further customize this storage solution by adding internal pouches to keep small items from getting misplaced. Fun fact, the Stingray was named after the ocean creatures which it resembles when flattened for storage. A portion of the proceeds from its sales are donated to support the conservation of threatened marine species and their habitats.

$100 | Step 22


Mopar 2-inch lift kit for Jeep 4xe

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe has only been available for a short period of time, but Mopar has already brought a compatible 2-inch lift kit to the table for this new electrified drivetrain (part number (77072522). This lift kit is specifically tuned for the additional weight of the new electrical components in the 4xe drivetrain.

Because I’m not an engineer, I’ll share Mopar’s description: “The kit includes 2.5-inch-diameter aluminum body monotube FOX shock absorbers for cooler operation. It works with electronic stability control, although unique alignment specifications are required. Rigorously tested for performance, durability, and corrosion, the parts in this kit meet all FCA US LLC production standards. Jeep Performance Parts 2-inch Lift Kit has been developed by Jeep brand engineers and off-road enthusiasts and allows you to use larger tires. The lift kit increases articulation and tire-to-ground contact, and the longer front control arms optimize suspension tuning for on-road drivability while improving off-road capability.”

$1,495 | Mopar


Mopar Level 2 Hard-wired Charger for Jeep JL 4xe

Here’s another upgrade for your new Jeep Wrangler 4xe. The level 2 hard-wired (also available in a plug-in version) charger from Mopar lets you charge your Wrangler 4xe battery in two hours. That’s 5.5 times faster than the factory-included cord set. The level 2 charger needs a 240-volt electrical hookup to deliver up to 32 amps (7.7 kilowatts) of power to your hybrid vehicle.

$622 | Mopar


Midland MXT400 Micromobile GMRS Two-Way Radio

Reliable off-grid radio communication is a smart addition to any rig, especially if you frequent 4×4 trails. Not only will a radio let you stay in communication with your group, but it can also be a lifesaver if you get stuck and need to call for recovery (as long as someone else with GMRS is in range).

The MXT400 Micromobile is a compact yet powerful GMRS radio from Midland that can be mounted in your vehicle and has up to 40 watts of broadcasting power—the most powerful radio in their lineup. With ideal conditions, the MXT400 can broadcast up to 65 miles (with no sight obstructions), but 5-20 miles is more realistic in forested terrain. It offers 15 GMRS channels and 8 repeater channels.

$250 | Midland


Dometic CCF-T

If you are looking to add just a little bit of refrigerated storage to your truck but don’t want to give up too much space, the center console refrigerator from Dometic might be the perfect compromise. Designed for the Ford F-150, Superduty, and Expedition, this compact fridge seamlessly integrates into your center console, providing 7.5 liters of cold storage, enough room to accommodate up to 12 12-ounce cans. The low-power-consuming automotive-approved compressor in this refrigerator is easily powered by your vehicle’s 12-volt power supply, and the whole unit can be installed in under two hours.

$599 | Dometic


Quin Design Ghost Double Zero Matte Black Moto Helmet

At just 2.89 pounds, the full carbon fiber Ghost Double Zero moto helmet is one of the lightest helmets on the market. But just because it is a featherweight doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. The Ghost has a fully integrated universal Bluetooth system (microphone and speakers), as well as Quin’s IntelliQuin smart safety technology system. This includes crash detection as well as an SOS beacon which can be activated by the rider while in motion to request emergency assistance in the event of a crime, harassment, or inclement weather. In addition to summoning emergency services, the SOS also transmits the rider’s GPS location in real-time.

$669 | Quin Design


Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

If you need a quick and secure way to mount your cell phone to your motorcycle handlebars, Quad Lock’s handlebar mount is a great option. The handlebar mount fits a variety of bar diameters, including 22, 25, 28, and 32 millimeters, and is compatible with all Quad Lock phone cases and the universal adaptor. An optional vibration dampener reduces up to 90 percent of high-frequency vibrations that can affect certain smartphone camera image stabilization systems.

$50+ | Quad Lock


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