Overland News of the Week

overland news of the week

Osprey Talon Pro 30

osprey talon pro 30 backpack

The comfort of Osprey’s backpacks is well known amongst outdoor enthusiasts, and their new Talon Pro 30 brings that comfort to the world of ultralight backpacking. A lightweight wire frame and injection-molded framesheet provide support for this 30-liter pack. Osprey lists a recommended maximum payload of 15-25 pounds for comfortable carying. The Talon Pro features a hydration bladder sleeve, ice ax loops, stretchy side pockets, and is constructed from 100-denier nylon with high abrasion resistance.

$200 | Osprey


Leatherman 1/4 Ratchet Driver

leatherman 1/4 inch ratchet drive

If you already own a Leatherman tool (my favorite is the Charge+ TTi), check out their new 1/4-inch ratchet driver. This accessory fits into the flat bit-holder on many Leatherman tools, giving you a much more functional screwdriver with a three-way (forward, reverse, lock) adjustable bezel. The magnetic bit holder on this driver will accept flat Leatherman bits as well as standard 1/4-inch screwdriver bits.

$30 | Leatherman


Rugged Blocks

rugged blocks battery terminal

If you are looking to add auxiliary electrical components to your truck or van, you’re going to need to tap into some power. For direct battery connections, one of the simplest ways to achieve this is with Rugged Rocks’ Battery Terminal Distribution Blocks. These machined aluminum blocks bolt onto your positive and negative battery posts and provide you with four secure connection points each. For an additional $5, you can purchase an optional fusible link riser.

$45+ | Rugged Rocks


Solo Stove Grill

solo stove grill

The Solo Stove grill is the natural evolution of the Solo Stove. It’s a double-walled, stainless steel barbeque that channels airflow directly into your charcoal for a quick-heating, easy cooking experience. While the Solo Stove grill may look similar to the Solo Stove fire pits, they are two separate items with different designs. The grill is optimized for use with charcoal and doesn’t have upper airflow holes. Because of this difference, it produces lower temperatures (between 400-500°) which are ideal for cooking food. One 4-pound bag of charcoal provides approximately 45 minutes of cooking time.

$525 | Solo Stove


Space Innovation Labs Tail Table

space innovation labs table

The Tail table from Space Innovation Labs is an ingenious device that hooks onto the U-latch or I-latch in the trunk of your car or SUV to create a floating tabletop that can support as much as 200 pounds. The strength of the table comes from a honeycomb aluminum core, but the top surface is made from HDPE plastic, allowing you to cut and prep meals directly on top. The Tail folds down to 24 x 15 inches but expands to 48 x 30 inches. It even has six slots for supporting wine glasses, preventing a spill if someone accidentally bumps your vehicle.

$200 | Space Innovation Labs


SpaceX Starlink

spacex starlink internet service

I may be going out on a limb with this statement, but I’m pretty sure that SpaceX’s new Starlink broadband internet is about to redefine remote work for digital nomads (and travelers in general).

This new satellite-based internet is different from conventional satellite internet in that it delivers unlimited data at 50 to 150 megabits-per-second speeds (during the initial beta testing phase). Because Starlink satellites are 60 times closer to Earth than standard satellites, latency is expected to range from 20 to 40 milliseconds and will eventually improve as more satellites and ground stations are brought online.

$100/Month (+$500 equipment) | Starlink





When you spend any extended amount of time traveling in a vehicle, whether it’s an RV, a truck, or a campervan, you quickly realize the importance of having a place to store everything. While there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of containers out there that could do the job, the Sidiocrate gives you a higher degree of organizational flexibility than most. It’s made from lightweight plastic, is stackable, and has straight walls to maximize storage space. Optional bottom mats, dividers, and lids help secure your things and prevent them from moving around inside the crates while traveling. The Sidiocrate is made in the USA.

$20+ | Sidiocrate


Phillips Solar Flexible Panel Mounts


You don’t see quite as many people utilizing flexible solar panels for off-grid vehicle builds, mostly because they cost quite a bit more than their rigid counterparts. But if weight savings is important to you, flexible solar panels are considerably lighter, and because of their weight, flexible panels great candidates for adhesive-based mounts (no need for roof-penetrating screws or bolts).

These Phillips Solar mounts for flexible solar panels are one option with the added benefit of raising your panels up and away from the surface of your vehicle, keeping them cooler, resulting in higher efficiency. The mounting system creates a secure track that your flexible panels slide into. A metal peg and cotter pin secure the panels while your vehicle is in motion but allow for easy removal of panels for cleaning or to move them into a sunny location.

$195 | Phillips Solar



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