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Overland News of the Week

Prints for Wildlife Fundraiser

Running for the third year, Prints for Wildlife will be raising funds for African Parks. This conservation non-profit currently manages 20 parks in 11 countries on behalf of governments in the hope of safeguarding and securing protected areas in Africa. Over 100 wildlife photographers will donate one fine art print each, which will then be sold to you, the bidder, until September 25, 2022. Support a good cause and the chance to own a beautiful piece of art. Image by Sascha Fonseca


Roofnest Litewing Awning

Roofnest has designed one of the lightest 270-degree awnings on the market today. The awning, aptly named the Litewing, is made from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with the material crafted from high-strength 210D nylon. This awning will be ideal for any overlander looking to reduce the upper weight of their rig as it only weighs a mere 30 pounds and is perfectly matched for EVs (excess weight uses more power). The Litewing awning is free-standing (with additional support poles when needed), sets up in 90 seconds, and offers increased strength and rigidity in its design.

$1,295 | roofnest.com

Tail Feather Camper

Overland rigs are in high demand, and some people are doing their best to cash in while they can, selling their professionally or home-built overland rigs for exorbitant amounts. There are, however, some affordable gems out there, and although this camper is on a trailer and the shape is rather unconventional, it may be worth the $5,000.

This polyethylene modular camper is delivered as a build-at-home kit, weighs 375 pounds, and can (apparently) be built in an hour. It does not come with any interior fittings, fixtures, or furniture, giving you the freedom to choose to design your space. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase a 5 x 8-foot utility trailer to house the camper’s body. Still, it is spacious enough that you can also use this as a secondary home when one of your least favorite family members comes to visit for the holidays.

$5,000 | quitelite.com

Wagan Tech DC to DC Battery Charger

If you’re running a dual-battery system or are charging your auxiliary battery via solar in your overland rig, you will need a DC to DC battery charger to regulate the current provided by the power source to the auxiliary battery, avoiding any discharge from your main vehicle battery and/or any serious electrical issues between the auxiliary battery to your accessories. Wagan Tech is a reputable, San Francisco-based company making waves in the overlander community with its camping and outdoor products. They have recently launched two battery chargers: a 25-amp one for batteries under 100 amp hours and solar under 375 watts, and a 40-amp model to bear the bigger loads for batteries over 100 amp hours and solar up to 600 watts. Their battery chargers are easily installed, slim-lined for those looking to save space and competitively priced.

$300/25 amp, $400/40 amp | wagan.com

EGR RollTrac

EGR, a company that designs and manufactures Automotive products, recently released their award-winning all-new electric retractable RollTracs. The RollTracs are manufactured from impact-resistant aluminum and finished with a satin black powder coating, which is UV resistant, ensuring that it won’t fade over time. The RollTrac is connected to the vehicle’s electrical and remote control locking system and has a manual locking feature in case of battery failure. The roll top tonneau cover is currently available for Jeep, Ford, GMC/Chevy, and Ram vehicles.

$5,000 | egr.com

MaxTrax Xtreme Red Recovery Boards

The all-new and highly requested red colorway is now available in the USA. The multi-award-winning MaxTrax Xtreme is widely regarded as the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created. Featuring 88 replaceable anodized alloy teeth molded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track, the MaxTrax Xtreme Red is designed for professional use based on direct feedback from elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and, globe-trotting expedition leaders. You can expect to see these boards put into service on emergency, adventure, racing, and overland vehicles globally. You can read Scott Brady’s Field Test of the MaxTrax Xtreme along the Great Australian Bight here.

$500 | adventure-imports.com



A new and upcoming online campsite directory lets you take virtual tours of the 15,000 campsites listed on their website. The camping directory has a mix of state, national, and private campgrounds available. You can make a direct booking with the campground once you have taken a virtual peek at which campsites are available along with their amenities. I do love the ability to clearly see what view my campsite will have, how close it is to facilities, whether it is large enough to accommodate our family of four, and whether my pet is welcome. CampgroundViews is integrated with recreation.gov, which allows greater accuracy when booking online. As with most state and national parks, bookings online cannot be made on the same day of the arrival. Weekly and annual subscriptions are available.

$6/week, $99/year | campgroundviews.com

Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit

When arriving at a campsite, it may be too late for a campfire, but if you would still love the ambience of staring into a fire while enjoying a cool beverage, well, the Mesa tabletop fire pit is precisely what you need. The stainless steel centerpiece made with a high-heat ceramic coating can be lit and burning within minutes and can keep you and your s’mores warm. The Mesa runs on burn pellets or firewood and can be easily transported (6 inches tall by 5 inches wide) in its carrier bag. Now, where are my marshmallows?

$80 | solostove.com

Eddie Bauer (Re)Adventure program

Many companies are looking at repurposing and recycling their gear to be more environmentally friendly by giving people the ability to get outdoors without the financial burden, and Eddie Bauer has just joined the party. I am a bit of a miser, so the thought of buying something repurposed appeals to me. We also don’t travel with very much hiking gear (as a family of four with a dog) as we already have to manage with seasonal clothing, and this program is right up our alley. We can rent all the equipment for the weekend and, once done stumbling up a peak, return it for use by another adventurous family. They also have a variety of clothing available that is well-priced.


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Luisa Bell has always had a passion for travel, but she never imagined that she would travel the world, with her family, in a self-built Land Rover Defender camper. As the navigator, administrator, and penetrator of bureaucracy, she has led her family to over 65 countries on five continents. Luisa is the wife of Graeme, and their quarter-century together feels like a full century in overlander years. Her two kids and her dog are her pride and joy, and if she could travel with them indefinitely, she would. With a background in immigration law, she has the ability to make the impossible possible and has no plan of settling down or retiring her full-time traveler status. Follow her adventures at www.a2aexpedition.com