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Long Term Review: iOverlander Travel Resource App

In the fall of 2014, I wrote a small review of an upstart web and app-based travel resource called iOverlander. At the time it had equal potential to be a runaway success, or just one of a million great ideas to vanish into the cyber-ether. Three years later, the iOverlander platform is a proven winner with many of the most…

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Beyond the Truck (Motorcycle): Camping on a Glacier

Where the city ends, Juneau Icefield in Southeast Alaska begins—and keeps going. Undeniably, its centerpiece is Mendenhall Glacier, one of the world’s most accessible. And the one we planned to make a self-guided trip and camp overnight upon in springtime. Just 12 miles from downtown and then a 4.5-mile moderate hike—steep and slippery in part—through undulating forest. Or, an hour’s…

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Soft and Hard Light

Words by Lisa Morris, Photos by Jason Spafford Light isn’t something you can hold. You can’t touch it, or feel it – it lacks physicality yet bears a presence. So to take pleasing pictures, you need to start treating light as the subject – a shape-shifting object with the power to make or break the ambience. What’s stirring in one…