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Overland News of the Week

Wrangler Introduces All Terrain Gear


In Overland News of the Week, we’re excited to introduce a new line from Wrangler. Dipping their well-known toes into the overland market, the Wrangler brand recently unveiled an extension of its outdoor clothing range, namely All Terrain Gear (ATG) by Wrangler, a selection of state-of-the-art outdoor garments. Featuring everyday styles engineered to keep consumers dry and at ease in various conditions, this assortment includes trousers and tops constructed from quick-drying, water-repellent fabrics, enhanced with mesh ventilation, convertible wearing options, UPF 30 sun protection, and eco-friendly materials. ATG by Wrangler seamlessly integrates high-performance attributes with adaptable design, offering affordable clothing that combines rugged durability and comfort.



Durston X-Mid Pro 2 Lightweight TentOVNW

The X-Mid Pro 2 merges the highly efficient, weight-conscious X-Mid geometry with Dyneema composite fabrics (DCF) and adopts a single-wall design, resulting in a tent that excels in weight reduction and resilience against storms. The 2024 iteration of this tent boasts an astonishingly low weight of just 18.2 ounces (515 grams), which Durston claims is the world’s lightest two-person tent. The X-Mid Pro 2 is designed and manufactured to offer storm resistance, simplicity, spaciousness, and high-quality craftsmanship, which is expected from a premium product with a premium price.

$639 | durstongear.com


GoFastCampers Platform Camper for 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Overland News of the Week

GoFastCampers has unveiled a camper designed to fit the all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma seamlessly. The GFC Platform camper is available in dimensions customized for 5- and 6-foot truck bed lengths, accommodating all Tacoma trim levels, including TRD Pro and Trailhunter. The GFC Platform camper features a lofty 8-foot vaulted ceiling above the truck’s bed. Inside, there is ample room to stand, a cozy 50 x 90-inch enclosed sleeping space with a plush, 3-inch-thick, dual-density memory foam mattress, secure storage for your cargo, and an impressive 500-pound dynamic roof load capacity.

$7,700 | gofastcampers.com


1UP USA 2-inch Xtreme Duty Bike and E-Bike Rack

Overland News of the Week

1UP USA has just unveiled its latest innovation, the 2-inch Xtreme Duty bike and e-bike rack, which is claimed to be the first bike rack capable of accommodating a wide range of bicycles, from traditional road bikes to robust e-bikes. The 1UP USA XD is capable of supporting up to 150 pounds per bike tray and accommodating three bikes while offering swift loading and the ability to be conveniently stowed when not in use. The XD rack incorporates the anti-wobble hitch bar found on all 1UP USA aluminum racks, ensuring a secure and stable connection to your vehicle.

$850 | 1up-usa.com


Opinel No.8 Sampo Knife

Overland News of the Week

The limited-edition No.8 Sampo showcases a handle meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced curly birch wood. Curly birch is a variant of silver birch indigenous to the Nordic region, specifically the Karelia area of Finland, under geo-unique growth conditions, resulting in its distinctive characteristics. As the tree matures, it twists, causing layers of soft and hardwood to develop unevenly. This gives rise to the mesmerizing swirling patterns reminiscent of marbled wood grain. Only 300 of these knives are available in the United States, and each one includes a specially designed gift box.

$70 | opinel-usa.com


Super Pacific ThermaPuff Insulation Kit for Switchback X1 Camper

Overland News of the Week

The Super Pacific ThermaPuff insulation kit serves as a protective layer within the X1 camper’s four-season tent, akin to a warm puffy coat for added insulation. Each component of the insulation package is fashioned from advanced, long-lasting materials and optimized to align seamlessly with the X1 four-season tent’s design, facilitating ventilation and moisture management. Both the interior and exterior layers feature a single-ply, woven, recycled polyester known as Challenge RBC200D; the insulation layer is composed of a 3.6-ounce Climashield. The comprehensive Super Pacific ThermaPuff insulation kit includes an insulated ceiling panel with mounting hardware, an insulated headwall panel, two insulated side wall panels, and a convenient storage bag.

$695 | superpacificusa.com


Toadfish Stowaway LED Lantern

Whether boating or overlanding, the Toadfish Stowaway LED Lantern is touted as a dependable illumination source for various scenarios. This adaptable lantern serves as a handheld flashlight, a suspended tent light, a versatile utility light, or a safety beacon, and it can securely attach to most surfaces through suction or magnets. Constructed with a streamlined single-piece aluminum casing and featuring IPX7 sealed construction, it offers the dual advantages of being waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, it boasts a shatterproof shell and offers multiple lighting modes, including bright, dim, SOS, and red light modes, ensuring its versatility in any situation.

$55 | toadfish.com

Mystery Ranch District Pro Bag

Overland News of the Week

Perfect for quick urban shopping trips or as a compact carry-on for flights, the District Pro features an assortment of pockets and offers ergonomic storage for a wide range of items, from small essentials like pens, keys, and smartphones to more oversized items such as laptops or notebooks. The primary section of the bag features a removable divider, complete with a padded laptop sleeve (suitable for up to a 15-inch laptop), with two side pockets. The inner side of the bag hosts a sleeve ideal for stowing notebooks, papers, and books. The removable padded shoulder strap features a user-friendly thumb lock adjuster, allowing easy and swift adjustments.

$149 | mysteryranch.com

Rocky Talkie 5-watt Radio

Overland News of the Week

The Rocky Talkie’s 5-watt Radio is designed to deliver communication capabilities in challenging backcountry environments. It operates at the highest GMRS power allowed by FCC regulations, transmitting at 5 watts, offering a maximum range of 35 miles (typically 2 to 8 miles in backcountry terrain). This radio also supports repeater functionality, extending communication range. The 5-watt radio prioritizes battery life, boasting four to six days of usage on a single charge with its specialized 1,800 milliampere-hour battery, even in extreme cold down to -20°F. It features a compact 3-inch antenna and includes a swappable 7.5-inch whip antenna. Additionally, it offers 11 NOAA weather channels and alerts for essential weather updates and a dual-channel watch to monitor both private group and public community channels simultaneously in high-traffic backcountry areas. Stay tuned for a field-tested review from Scott Brady, who is currently testing the 5-watt radio in Africa

From $165 | rockytalkie.com


Toyo Tires Open Country A/T III for EVs

Overland News of the Week Overland News of the Week

Toyo Tires recently launched the Open Country A/T III EV, an advanced all-terrain replacement tire designed specifically for the rapidly growing segment of electric trucks and SUVs. This tire, made in the USA, is engineered from the ground up to meet the distinct demands of electric vehicles, considering factors such as instant torque, rapid acceleration, added weight, and range efficiency. Building upon the performance of the current Open Country A/T III, the new EV version offers off-road capability while ensuring confidence-inspiring handling and ride comfort on paved roads. It meets the criteria for a severe snow service traction rating and bears the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, signifying its suitability for all-weather driving.



GOES Health Precision Alert Update

GOES Health introduces its Precision Alert Update, offering essential information to outdoor enthusiasts. This update brings precise hourly weather forecasts location-specific outdoor health risk alerts, and expands GOES’ wilderness medicine library to include natural disaster and winter topics. With its user-friendly interface, GOES simplifies the understanding of location-based risks and outdoor health forecasting, providing a convenient and dependable daily-use platform. Users of GOES will now receive actionable insights for various scenarios, such as extreme heat advisories, sudden temperature drops, or nearby natural disasters like wildfires or flash floods. The free version of GOES offers access to precision weather forecasting, current outdoor health risks, and select care protocols for informed outdoor adventures.

$6 per month/$46 per annum | goes.health


Redarc Electronics BSEN500 Smart Battery Monitor

Redarc Electronics’ new BSEN500 Smart Battery Monitor eliminates guesswork when tracking battery levels. This compact device measures 4.7 x 2 x 1.8 inches and connects seamlessly to the RedVision Smartphone App via Bluetooth 5.1, boasting an impressive 137-foot range. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy access to battery data with a single touch. Whether for a compact vehicle monitoring system or an existing 12-volt setup, the BSEN500 is compatible with standard chargers and battery types, simplifying installation.

$189 | redarcelectronics.com

Küat Ibex Panel Kit

Küat recently unveiled the Ibex panel kit at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The kit attaches directly to the Ibex truck bed rack frame, protecting against the elements and theft. The panels are fully secure but allow convenient access to the truck bed through the gas-spring-operated side and rear doors. It features all-metal construction, weather resistance, a locking system, a third brake light for safety, and pre-order availability on kuat.com, with shipping starting in quarter two of 2024. Read our publisher Scott Brady’s Kuat Ibex review here.

From $1,489 | kuat.com


Joolca Hottub

Overland News of the Week

Built from the same material as SUP boards, the rigid and durable Hottub inflates in a few minutes and fills with hot water in less than two hours. Recirculating water in the tub will retain heat, and the insulated cover will help to maintain temperature; the water is heated via the Joolca Hottap (sold separately). The Hottub is large enough to hold two adults, and it goes without saying that the Hottub will use significant quantities of two resources, namely water and electricity, so go prepared and be sure to use this product where both resources are available in abundance.

From $435 / Joolca.com


Snow Peak Festival Collection

The annual Snow Peak Festival Collection features a limited-edition drop to be released every Monday for the month of November to celebrate the brands 65th Anniversary.

The Land Base 6 is a hexagonal shelter with inner rooms which can be utilized as private sleeping areas for groups of up to six people. The shelter features ample ventilation by means of mesh openings and windows and can be used all-year round with water-repellent fabric.

Overland News of the Week

The Luxury Low Beach Chair features natural wood armrests, a canvas seat, a mesh storage pocket, and a compact storage case. The logo to celebrate the 65th Anniversary is engraved in the chair.

The Living Shell is a modular shelter featuring a spacious, floorless gathering space with a removable UV-shielded rainfly.

Overland News of the Week

The Trail Tripper 1 Pro is an A-frame solo tent ideal size for bicycle or motorcycle camping. The tent features sleeping space for one person and a ground sheet that extends into a portion of the vestibule for gear storage.

$1,580/Land Base 6 shelter, $285/Luxury Low Beach Chair, $2,200/Living Shell, $890/Trail Tripper 1 Pro


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