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Aspen Frontiers Patagonia Black Hole Duffle Bag Hangers

I get really excited when I see innovations in the campervan space, mostly because the industry seems to be maturing a bit and unique solutions are a little less frequent these days. But here’s something new: Black Hole duffel bag racks from Aspen Frontiers. This clever solution allows you to securely hang your Patagonia bags and use them as overhead cabinets. The weight savings of this system over traditional wooden cabinetry is significant, and their modular nature means that when paired with a quick-release system, like L-track, you can easily remove them. Sold individually or in sets of four. Plastic bag inserts are also available to create a more rigid bottom to support heavier items.

$95+ | Aspenfrontiers.com


Outdoor Research Activeice Spectrum Sun Hoodie

If you read our base layer article in Overland Journal’s Spring 2022 issue, you know that sun hoodies are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. They provide protection from harmful UV rays, allowing you to apply less sunscreen, a benefit that is realized on multi-day trips when you don’t have easy access to a shower. Additionally, the loose-fitting hood can shade your head and face as well.

The Activeice sun hoody has all of the benefits of sun protection mentioned above, with the added functionality of OR’s Activeice technology, which provides even more evaporative cooling than standard synthetic fabric. With a UPF 50+ rating, this shirt will protect you from the sun while helping keep you cool as well.

$79 | Outdoorresearch.com


Snow Peak Teppanyaki Burner

The Teppanyaki burner from Snow Peak is a griddle meets camping stove. The modular cooking system weighs 11 pounds and features a 10,310 BTU-output single burner that is powered by iso-butane fuel canisters. The included cast-iron cooking surface can be easily removed if you want to cook with other pots and pans too. The included cartridge guard keeps your fuel canister securely attached and the whole system fits in the included fabric storage bag for transport.

$250 | Snowpeak.com


Kahtoola Renagaiter Low Trail Gaiters

I’ve found that wearing trail gaiters reduces the number of blisters I get while hiking. Unlike mountaineering gaiters, which often come up to just below the knee and can be uncomfortable, trail gaiters are much smaller, more breathable, and do a fantastic job of keeping sand, dirt, and debris out of your shoes or boots. In my experience, it is these aforementioned items that often lead to blisters as they rub against your feet and between your toes. Kahtoola’s Renegaiters are constructed from stretch-woven nylon with a DWR treatment to shed moisture. They come in two heights and two sizes, so most users should be able to dial in a good fit.

$50 | Kahtoola.com


Aventon Aventure Ebike

Ebikes are taking the cycling world by storm, letting riders go farther, with less effort. As an addition to an overland rig, they can be a great way to tackle short-distance errands, as well as a fun way to explore around camp or scout ahead on Forest Service roads. One option to consider is Aventon’s Aventure ebike, a hard-tail fat-tire model, with a 28-mile-per-hour top speed and 45-mile range. Suspension up front makes for a smoother ride when trails get bumpy, fenders protect you and your clothing from dirt and debris, and smartphone connectivity allows users to share their rides socially.

$2000 | Aventon.com


Thermarest Compressible Pillow Cinch

Don’t let anyone tell you that a pillow is unnecessary when camping, especially when there are lightweight, travel-friendly options like Thermarest’s Compressible Pillow Cinch. Constructed from 60% recycled content, this polyester camping pillow utilizes excess foam from Thermarest’s sleeping pad manufacturing process, helping keep material that would otherwise be considered waste out of the landfill. The Cinch utilizes a soft insulation top layer to prevent lumps, is offered in three sizes, and has a cinch cord that lets you adjust the firmness of the pillow on demand.

$30+ | Thermarest.com


Ignik Outdoors Firecan Propane Fire Pit

Ignik came onto the scene with a refillable 5-pound propane cylinder that is housed in a very posh-looking canvas case. Their goal was to reduce the number of disposable green bottles that campers were tossing into landfills by providing an alternative (which happens to photograph much better too, I think). Since then, the company’s offerings have grown significantly, and one of their newest products, the Firecan, pairs nicely with their refillable propane tanks.

The Firecan has the silhouette of a military ammo can, but with cutouts on both sides to allow the warmth of the fire to be enjoyed by those sitting around it. With the risk of catastrophic fires becoming more and more common in our drought-stricken Western states, propane fire pits are becoming more and more appealing and worth your consideration if you enjoy having campfires during the summer months.

$200 | Ignik.com


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