Go Fast Campers SuperLite Redefines Hardshell RTTs

Montana-based Go Fast Campers has a penchant for producing drool-worthy overlanding gear, and they just did something that is likely to send waves through the rooftop tent (RTT) market. Behold the SuperLite: a sub-100-pound, hard-shell, made-in-the-USA rooftop tent for $1,300. Cue fireworks. EDIT: a SuperLite mattress to go with your SuperLite RTT will add $279, and a telescoping ladder adds another $100.


“Everyone, it seems, wants a rooftop tent (RTT) these days. And everyone, it seems, likes to complain about them. They’re either affordable and unreasonably ugly and difficult to set up (bag tents), or they’re lower profile, easy to set up, but unreasonably expensive (hard-shell RTTs). Here at Go-Fast Campers, we take such conundrums as a challenge. So we’ve spent the past couple of years devising a solution.” 

Innovation + Proven Design

Product improvements often come in two forms: new, innovative ideas or improving on a successful design. The Go Fast Campers SuperLite RTT does both. Starting with the popular wedge design, the Go Fast engineering team got to work reimagining the hardshell RTT by creating what they call a “frameless” hardshell. They explained their design process in the simplest of terms. “We kept trimming away all the unnecessary bits until we were left with a design that had everything it needed and not a speck more. Lightweight, functionally-focused, purpose-built…kind of like a race car.” They’re talking about the SuperLite, an RTT that weighs 80 pounds. That’s light enough to mount with the help of a friend (no crane required), that can store all of your bedding, is only 6 inches tall (when closed), and boasts a 50- x 90-inch sleeping area. Also worth noting, soft racks for surfboards are on the horizon.

And speaking of race cars, Go Fast wanted to illustrate the unobtrusive, weight-saving-yet-still-robust design qualities of the SuperLite RTT. So they mounted one on a truck and headed south to the NORRA Mexican 1000. “Battling Baja by day and sleeping out of the race truck by night. What better way to prove that the SuperLite 50 is more than just the most affordable hard-shell RTT, it’s also a rugged companion on whatever adventure you can throw its way.”

Check out the Go Fast Campers website to learn more about the new SuperLight RTT.


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