Field Tested: Nomad Grill and Smoker

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Spring 2021 Issue.


There is nothing better than a satisfying meal after a day of adventure in the backcountry, and it needn’t consist of hotdogs and Kraft singles on white bread. Enter the Nomad, the low-mess solution to smoking and grilling. As travelers, we demand ease of use from gear and the ability to stow and go, and this product delivers.

The grill features a diecast cook chamber, stainless honeycomb grates, dual-layer aluminum shell, and high-temp food-grade silicone. All parts are bolted in place, not riveted, which means a replacement part is only a few turns of a wrench away. The cooking chamber features a tongue-in-groove lip providing a seal when closed, keeping charcoal off your seats, floor, or cargo area. Thanks to rare-earth magnets cast into the corners of the cook chamber, the grate fits in place and does not rattle, much less move, during transport. The outer layer is constructed from Type III anodized cast aluminum and utilizes SurfaceSafe technology, allowing for significant heat dissipation and thermal management. While the grill will likely melt a plastic table, it seems safe to use on tailgates and wood and metal tables.


The Nomad has become a permanent fixture in my kit. It cools quickly enough to cook and pack up in far less time than most of the other brands I’ve used. Figuring out airflow is a little tricky, but after searing steaks and smoking chicken quarters at camp, I was ready to roll. It’s a worthy investment, benefiting any overland gear list.



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