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Review: The Mypressi Twist – Portable Espresso Anywhere!

Three Jeeps, six people, and great espresso all in the most remote point in the lower 48 states – it’s possible. I recently had the opportunity to go to the most remote point in the lower 48 states and was lucky enough to be the appointed barista while there. I was excited for the challenge, but wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull it off. Making coffee for a group of six in the middle of nowhere seemed like quite a task, especially when they wanted excellent coffee.



Enter the Mypressi

I had never used the Mypressi before, in fact, I had never even heard of this product; so I went to my favorite local coffee shop, Method Coffee, and got what I knew I would need – espresso. I decided I would learn the rest along the way. It turns out there isn’t a huge learning curve for the Mypressi. Simplicity is genius with this product. Throw in the grounds, twist the top half on, fill with some boiling water, close the lid, and pull the trigger. Bam! Espresso with mouthwatering crema. In my opinion, it does better than the little home espresso makers. Because of its simplicity there is so much less to go wrong, and nothing did go wrong. It turns out being a barista in the most remote point is easier than I thought.

The Mypressi excels in pulling perfect shots. It allows you to control all the contributing factors to a great shot: water temperature, tamp pressure, water pressure, and extraction time. Each cartridge can pull about 8 shots, 4 sets of 2, and the little guys put out 135 psi (9 bars, the industry standard) and are fully recyclable. They are the same cartridges that for decades have been used for making whipped cream. It makes being out in the wilderness eco friendly and just a little more like home.

Another key feature of the Mypressi I like is the flexibility of the unit. One of my favorite things to do is pull shots over ice cream. With the Mypressi it makes doing this so simple with no awkward trying to fit your bowl under the portafilter. The same goes for oddly-sized cups and mugs, plus you won’t miss out on an ounce of sweet crema. It’s great for catering to the personalized tastes of each individual. Someone wants decaf, someone wants an Americano, someone wants tea (oh yeah it does that too), and you won’t be stuck slaving away after making drinks because cleaning up is just as simple and takes about 30 seconds.

Does the Mypressi have any downsides? Yes, It would be nice if they provided a sturdier system to carry and protect the Mypressi Twist. With great portability comes lack of features, it can pull shots but that’s all; it has no milk steaming abilities. If you want a latte you’ll need to have another source for steaming or frothing your milk; but the fact remains that you can have great espresso no matter where you are. It works not only for overland travel but, I have to say, I would even use it for my everyday espresso, especially if space is an issue. It could easily be stored in a small drawer or motorcycle pannier bag, making the Twist a great option for someone with limited space. You can get a Mypressi Twist for around $190 making this a great option for anyone who wants good espresso quick and easy, in or out of the civilized world.

Available from spressoFAB 1-(775)-853-5597