RawHyde Adventure Days 2019

On short notice, Chris Ramm and I decided to head up to the Mojave Desert and attend the premiere RawHyde Adventure Days event. This year’s event was their soft opening and showed a great deal of potential for future events to come. While the facility wasn’t quite finished, we weren’t left wanting. The team at RawHyde ensured that every need of their attendees was met by providing enough restroom facilities, showers, portable heaters, and chairs.

If you haven’t heard of RawHyde’s Adventure Days yet, it is an overland and adventure motorcycle training event planned for February. Their location is about an hour north of Los Angeles in the beautiful Mojave Desert. This location provides easy access for all of our friends in the Southwest, especially SoCal.

RawHyde’s primary business is adventure motorcycle training, and they’ve been doing it for 16 years, so they aren’t just a flash in the pan. Their new facility is different from their other spaces in Colorado and California because it is geared toward the overland industry, rather than just adventure motorcycles. This year, they partnered with Sportsmobile to put the word out and bring the overland and bike crowds together.

As with RawHyde’s other training events, food was provided to all weekend attendees. The timeframe for each meal was generous enough to allow for flexibility and any classes that might run long. To keep everyone on track, the training course schedule was posted outside of the dining area and emailed to everyone in advance. There were plenty of options to choose from, and anyone who found themselves between courses could wander the vendor area and check out all of the fun vehicles and new products.

To demonstrate their future plans for the venue, RawHyde created a temporary off-road course to host a few training classes and allow everyone to stretch the legs on their preferred mode of transportation. This course was a whole lot of fun but could use more variety in terrain as it was all soft and silty sand. I am confident that the permanent course will address that concern.

While the location and the off-road course were great, I have to say my favorite part of the event was the attitude of the entire group of people. It really seemed like everyone there was engaged and excited to learn, and the staff was pumped about being there. I hope they can continue this energy into their future events, and I am looking forward to seeing them grow.

A special thank you to RawHyde Adventures for providing part of the photography.

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