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Over the past decade, significant improvements in winching component safety has become available to the overland traveler, mostly as a result of synthetic ropes and soft shackles. The primary advantage of these products is to reduce the total mass of the winching components under load, a soft shackle weighing a fraction of a steel screw pin shackle. This reduces the mass in motion if a connection point or component should fail, and it also eliminates the hard metal impact of a shackle, or the cutting/sawing effect of a steel cable.. This all results in a safer recovery, while also decreasing the weight of your kit, saving payload for other items (or for a lighter overall vehicle).

Warn is now producing their new lineup of synthetic ropes with a unique 3M high-visibility and reflective strand throughout the length of the rope. They are also offering a winchline rope extension, and two soft shackle versions.  Warn.com

Note: Despite these significant advantages, it is important to note that soft shackles and synthetic rope/winch line is not suitable to every stuck situation, including connecting soft shackles to sharp (or even tightly radiused) metal edges. Training and education on the proper use of these items should be considered.

A New Take on Synthetic Rope

WARN Spydura Nightline takes the company’s proven Spydura synthetic rope product and adds color and increased function. Made from durable ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a UV-stable coating, the eye-catching red-and-black weave also integrates a 3M light-activated reflective strand into the rope. This improves visibility during recoveries and provides a unique, custom look when spooled onto a winch drum.

Spydura Nightline winch rope includes a red heat-resistant Nomex® sleeve to protect the first layer of rope from drum temperatures, and acts as a visual end-of-line warning. The winch rope is available in 3/8” x 100’ (9.5mm x 30m) or 3/8” x 80’ (9.5,, x 24.5m) lengths and includes a forged steel hook and necessary attachment hardware. The Spydura Nightline rope extension is a versatile 3/8” x 50’ (9.5mm x 15m) length with reinforced loops on both ends.

Soft Shackles

Warn is also now offering soft shackles in two versions. Strong, yet extremely lightweight and easy to handle, soft shackles perfectly stow in bags, recovery kits, gloveboxes, or anywhere else.

First up is the company’s 1/2” (12.7mm) Spydura Nightline Soft Shackle. Made from the same UV-coated UHMWPE material as the winch line and rope extension, it also showcases the highly reflective 3M light-activated tracer. And with a minimum breaking strength of 36,000 lb. (16,329 kg), it’s a great combination of style and substance—yet is lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use.

Warn is also offering a standard gray 3/8” (9.5mm) Spydura Soft Shackle constructed from UHMWPE with a UV coating. It delivers a minimum breaking strength of 29,700 lbs. (13,472 kg), and is great for applications where a 3/8” soft shackle may be too large.

Both soft shackle offerings are excellent additions to users’ recovery kits, and they allow for further rigging options in stuck situations.

The Spydura Nightline is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
Spydura Nightline
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