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Decked x Pathfinder Cooking Kitdecked pathfinder cook kit

Decked and Pathfinder Survival have been busy. Since we featured the Pathfinder survival kit two weeks ago, a new module has already been released: the Decked x Pathfinder. This all-in-one cooking kit solution is neatly organized in a Decked D-bag and designed specifically to fit in the Decked truck bed organization system. It includes everything necessary for feeding four people, including:

  • 120-ounce Bush Pot with lid, 6 inches tall, 7.5-inch diameter
  • Bush Pot with lid, 64-ounce, 5.5” tall, 5 3/8” diameter
  • Folding skillet and lid, 8-inch diameter
  • Bush pot stove, 3 inches tall, 5.5-inch diameter
  • Grill, 4.8 x 4.8 inches
  • Bowls (x4), 2.5 inches deep
  • Plates (x4), 6.75-inch diameter
  • Camp cup with lid (x4), 25 ounces
  • Sporks (4x), 8 inches long with a spoon on one end and fork on the other
  • Camp tongs, 10 inches long (tongs split apart to become a spatula and a ladle)
  • Cutting board, 5.25-inch diameter

$475 | decked.com


Nemo Dagger Osmo

nemo dagger osmo

Nemo’s Daggar backpacking tent is about to get an update thanks to the company’s new Osmo fabric which will enhance the tent’s performance without adding any additional weight.

The proprietary composite material, which is made from 100 percent recycled yarns, has a durable water repellent finish that lasts four times longer than conventional tents. The Osmo fabric is three times less stretchy when wet which results in less sag in inclement weather. It also meets US fire-retardancy standards without the use of chemicals, and is completely PFC and PFAS free. Additionally, the Dagger Osmo features high-quality DAC aluminum poles, delivering category-leading volume and storage capacity in a freestanding design.

$480+ | nemoequipment.com


Exped Ultra, Dura, and Versa Sleeping Pads

exped dura sleeping pad

Interpreting the warmth ratings of sleeping pads can be a confusing and frustrating part of the purchasing process, but Exped is trying to change that, with a simplified range of pads and a corresponding matrix to help customers choose the right pad.

Exped’s Ultra, Dura, and Versa sleeping pads provide a range of advantages, from warmth, to packed weight, to durability. Within each of the three categories, all sizes (exclusing two-person-wide mats) are the same price, meaning you won’t pay more just because you are taller and need the long version.

$100+ | rei.com


Helinox Black Fleece Chair Warmers

helinox fleece chair cover

Helinox produces some of the lightest and most compact camp furniture available, including chairs, tables, and cots. For instance, their Chair One Mini weighs in at just 16 ounces and packs down to 10 inches by 3 inches in size. They achieve their featherweight status by using DAC aluminum poles—the only camp furniture company to do so—which provide strength and structure to their furniture.

New to the Helinox product lineup are these furry black fleece chair warmers, a perfect accessory for colder environments. The chair warmers are reversible, fit a variety of different Helinox chair models, and are easily removable. Some motorcycle touring customers even said that they could pull double-duty as pillows for camping.

$50+ | helinox.com


Rago Fabrication “The Surge” 4Runner Electrical Interface and Mounting Bracket

rago fabrication surge electrical interface

Fifth-gen 4Runner owners who want to run their air compressor under their hood in conjunction with a dual-battery system and centralized power distribution for 12-volt accessories are pretty limited on usable space. But Rago’s new Surge interface/mounting plate aims to fix this problem. It creates a dedicated mounting space for a Switch Pro controller in the front of the engine compartment with an integrated Blue Sea Systems fuse panel. According to Rago, “By having this plate, you can run a compressor mount above the fuse box, a secondary battery system on the passenger side, and up to a Group 31 Battery in factory location. This plate is specifically designed to hold the Blue Sea System and an additional Switch Pro SP9100.”

*Note that you’ll need to replace your OEM wiper fluid tank with Rago’s Aqua Tank for proper fit of the Surge.

$110 | ragofabrication.com


Thunderbolt Campervan Deadbolt

thunderbolt campervan deadlock

If you want to cut down on the chances of a break-in to your campervan, overland rig, or trailer, the Thunderbolt campervan deadbolt is one solution worth looking into. Their universal kit can secure any door and has a remote keyfob for locking and unlocking the system. Their product carries a lifetime warranty which will cover the replacement of any failed parts, as long as the product was installed correctly.

Because the Thunderbolt deadbolt lock relies on electrical power to function properly, it is advised that users have a redundant power source in their vehicle, like a dual-battery system or solar panel to prevent accidental lockouts.

$239 | thunderboltlocks.com


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