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EarthCruiser’s overland rigs are highly regarded, albeit exclusive, with recent examples including a 2015 EarthCruiser FX, EarthCruiser #64, and a 2019 EarthCruiser FX. EarthCruiser isn’t the only upmarket expedition vehicle builder on the scene, with even more luxurious options from EarthRoamer and Global Expedition Vehicles. I prefer EarthCruiser builds because while the offerings from their competitors are unquestionably epic, I feel the focus sometimes leans a little more towards luxury than rugged functionality. The company has traditionally utilized the proven Mitsubishi FG 4×4 platform (recently transitioning to the Isuzu NPR 4×4), which is then completely reimagined with the best components and topped with a fully-equipped habitation box. The finished build balances serious all-terrain capability with luxurious comfort yet is not particularly ostentatious or flashy—if anything, it is intentionally understated. Prices start at $350,000, a huge amount of money, but almost half of EarthRoamer’s comparable $750,000 LTi. Today’s example has covered just 32,000 miles, features an expanding roof (which means it’ll fit in a shipping container), a fully equipped habitation box designed for remote travel, and is priced at $340,000.

From the Seller:

This camper comes loaded with almost every accessory available from Earth Cruiser in 2018.Maximum lighting, solar, batteries, water, and diesel for extended off-grid camping.Almost twice the mileage and range of the new EarthCruisers for a fraction of the price. And it’s available now.Our reason for selling is we have a new EarthCruiser Terra Nova on order.”

2018 EarthCruiser EXP

EarthCruiser produces premium, no-expense-spared overland vehicles designed specifically for off-grid exploration and are priced accordingly. While they come with a considerable price tag, the company states that resale values exceed “80 percent of the purchase price.” This means you can buy one of their vehicles, explore the world, and at the end of the journey sell for the best part of what you paid (not to mention it’ll save you a fortune on accommodation). EarthCruiser’s reputation for excellence was established via a “lifetime of adventures in the Australian bush; grueling competitive rallies through Europe into the Sahara and Africa; tackling a month-long Borneo jungle challenge,” and more.

This particular example, built on a 2017 Mitsubishi FG 4×4 diesel, has an automatic 6-speed transmission, simple straight axles with freewheel front hubs, limited slip in the rear axle, Torsen differential up front, 700+ mile range, and so much more. Inside driver comforts include:

  • Powered, heated, and ventilated seats
  • Center console with cup holders, storage, and a safe
  • Backup and front bumper camera
  • Air conditioning
  • Lane deviation warning

Distinguishing Features

  • Three lithium batteries (450-amp-hours total) and five 150-watt solar panels
  • Radflo shocks with All Terrain Warriors springs
  • Black forged aluminum rims with Toyo M/T tires
  • Freshwater, 60 gallons, with purification system
  • Warn winches, front and rear
  • Powered awning

This 2018 EarthCruiser EXP is listed for $340,000 and is currently located in Corvallis, Oregon. Check the full vehicle specifications via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.

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