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If you’ve been on the lookout for a low-mileage EarthCruiser, this 2019 FX only has 18,000 miles on its Mitsubishi Fuso FG chassis. The FX comes in roughly halfway between a van and a full-sized truck, making it comfortable and nimble. Its 3-liter Fiat diesel engine strikes a happy balance between durability, economy, and serviceability. This particular EarthCruiser has a generous helping of upgrades including:

  • Front and rear Warn winches
  • Front torsion differential locker
  • Scheel-Mann Vario heated seats
  • Satin black, powder-coated wheels
  • Cabin sound insulation
  • Center console safe
  • 600 watts of roof-mounted solar panels
  • Lithium house batteries
  • Water purification system

Make sure to visit the original ExPo forum post to explore the complete list of upgrades.


From Darren:

For several years we had been planning our journey from the USA to Ushuaia, which we estimated would take two years. To bring our goals to fruition meant that we needed to cross the Mexican border by October 2019. By mid-2018 we realized that if we continued with our DIY build, we were simply not going to meet our deadlines, so we put our truck build project for this journey on hold. While we were in Bend, Oregon, we decided to revisit the idea of an EarthCruiser. Knowing the EarthCruiser was off-road capable, made from fiberglass, and had a marine-grade design, it checked the boxes in several categories. We had the opportunity to speak with other owners we met at Overland Expo to understand their first-hand experiences. Having previously owned a pop-top Sportsmobile and a couple of truck campers, we knew that the hard-sided FX was the vehicle for us. In the end, we met our deadlines and crossed into Mexico on time. Choosing the EarthCruiser proved to be a great decision for getting through some of the very tight and narrow streets of Mexico, and the hard-sided option [paid off] after spending our nights on many windy beaches. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would be well on our way toward our original goal in our EarthCruiser, Anahita.


The size (footprint and height) of the EarthCruiser FX is right between a long wheelbase van and a heavy goods commercial truck. It’s a real sweet spot, having great maneuverability and a comfortable amount of living space. On the highway, 65 miles-per-hour is a good compromise of fuel efficiency and “no hurry to get there”. Although it has enough power to drive faster, we prefer the fuel economy and less strain. The curvy road manners are what I would call typical of this weight class. Off-road, it handles very well for a seven-ton truck. The cab-over configuration offers excellent visibility and a tight turning radius. We do recognize that the truck is our home, so we don’t treat it like a weekender 4×4. There are quite a bit of modern electronics in the Fuso chassis that are designed to protect itself. Once these sensors and system management responses are understood they can be managed. In all our travels we have yet to stretch this vehicle to the absolute limit of the chassis. There have been some steep rocky accents, especially in the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua, where we wondered if we were going to have problems, but the Fuso just pulled right through it all. We have never been stuck but we have recovered others. Having winches front and rear also gives us a sense of security should we misjudge the terrain. The chassis has been very reliable and the recommended maintenances have been performed: with only 18,000 miles on the odometer, that has been very little effort.”


Darren’s 2019 Earthcruiser FX is currently located in Virginia, USA, and is listed for $314,000. Full vehicle specs can be found on the original ExPo forum post and you can contact Darren via direct message with questions or offers.


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