Four Simple Moto Gadgets with Big Pay-Offs

FOBO Bike 2

Monitor your tire pressure continuously with this easy-to-use Bluetooth monitor, even while riding. The FOBO Bike 2 is compatible with most motorcycles and can detect slow or fast leaks, providing alerts on tire pressure changes. This tool is super easy to install. Mount the sensors onto your tire stems, download the app, and set your parameters for your upper and lower air pressure thresholds. Instead of checking with a traditional gauge, simply whip out your cell phone and open the app. The device is geared to monitor your tire pressure with smart algorithms and provide three levels of alerts when pressure exceeds set thresholds.


Studies show the No. 1 cause of tire blowouts is due to improper air pressure, and we know we’d rather kick that bike in first gear and take off than stop to check air pressures. With FOBO Bike 2, there’s never a guess or a minute wasted. Compatible with headsets, smartwatches, and phones, the FOBO Bike 2 sends audible, haptic, and visual alerts. The device also offers group ride monitoring and remote monitoring.


$99 l

Carsifi wireless adapter

Carsifi has captured the attention of the Android world with this small, easy-to-use wireless adapter that allows motorists to wirelessly connect their Android phones to their cars and motorcycles. The adapter has both built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so it connects easily with vehicles with no built-in WiFi. With the invention of this Kickstarter project, users can save time, effort, and money by connecting their smartphones to their bikes or cars. No more fumbling for your phone to access apps or switch media. I watched my friend connect his adapter to his Africa Twin within minutes. Simply download the Carsifi app and connect to your bike.

There’s no more worrying about mounting a phone on your motorcycle. Simply put the phone into your pocket or tank bag, then select apps from your motorcycle’s screen. And, every time you fire up your bike, Carsifi connects to your Android automatically. The adapter offers fast transmission of media at 2.⅘ GHz Wi-Fi without lagging. At 2.6 inches long and 1.4 inches wide, this little device fits most anywhere, but since it’s not weather resistant, you’ll want to keep it in a pocket or zipped safely in a bag. Charges with a standard USB cable.

$89 |

Kriega Tool-Roll

Motorcyclists are always looking for new and innovative ways to easily carry their tools on their bikes. As with everything, we strive for compact and lightweight. Enter the Kriega Tool-Roll. Made of 1000D Cordura, this beefy tool roll has more than 30 elastic loops and a coated mesh zippered inner pocket to keep your tools organized. When you’re finished with the job, simply roll this handy bag up to a 5.3 x 8.8-inch folding envelope and store it under your seat or in an easy-to-reach bag. Weighs 8.8 oz without tools.

I like the convenient bag because it can store all of my essential tools – mostly hex and Torx keys – along with a number of screwdrivers, a ratchet, a tire pressure gauge, and even electrical tape, and zip ties. Rainproof and weatherproof, durable, and rugged. USA consumers get this U.K. product for flat rate shipping and duty-free.

$42.50 |

Puig Kickstand Extension

If you haven’t gotten off the fence about the Puig Kickstand Extension, go ahead and jump. For less than $50, you can throw that side stand down and rest easy in almost any terrain without fear of dropping your bike. No more returning to a motorcycle that has dug its kickstand into soft or uneven ground and fallen over.


This nifty little gadget widens the foot of your kickstand by 100 percent, making parking more stable on unstable or soft surfaces, such as gravel, rock, or dirt. The part is super easy to install. Just place the foot of your kickstand onto the plate, place the stainless steel top on, and screw it into place with the provided screws. Machined from aluminum and available in black or silver. Puig offers extensions for lowered, sport, and standard suspensions.

Under $50 l

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