National Luna Releases Their Best Fridge Yet

national luna fridge

It is often joked that the first thing a new overlander should by is a Land Cruiser 80 Series, and the next thing should be a fridge. In reality, there are few camp accessories that transform an overland trip more than a fridge, the ability to cool drinks, keep meat for weeks, or even make ice for a cocktail, all game changers. And if most travelers were asked who makes the most premium fridge, the highest performance model with the most high-end materials, the best insulation, and the lowest overall electrical draw, most would say that is the National Luna. Those attributes are why they have won two Overland Journal Editor’s Choice awards.

We received an early test unit, and installed it in out project G-Wagen. The robust handles allow for easy lashing of the fridge to our drawer system, and it plugged right in to our Hella outlet in the back of the Mercedes. It is important to ensure that your outlet wiring is suitable to fridge amp startup and run draws.

However, times are changing and global competition is mounting. Tariffs and other pressures are driving up cost or making supply chain management more challenging. As a result, National Luna has reinvented their premium fridge with new technology, even better insulation, and a proprietary off-road compressor.

Improved Performance:

The new off-road specification compressor is specifically designed for the rigors of backcountry travel, while also lowering 12 volt power consumption, and also providing an operating voltage range of 9.6 volts to 31.5 volts, making the fridge suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. The AC/DC converter also received some improvement, operating for both 120 volt and 240 volt shore power. The voltage switching is all automatic. Another bonus is the new 8 year warranty on the compressor.

Improved Insulation:

One of the critical functions of a fridge is insulation, which lowers the overall energy consumption. National Luna offers several models that vary in thickness, but the new Legacy line strikes an appropriate balance in thickness while also improving the R value of the insulation that is injected into the voids and walls of the unit. That is also one of the unique attributes of the National Luna, is their attention towards total insulation coverage, thickness, and R-value (which is also why they win so many tests).

Better Construction and Increased Consistency

The stainless steel exterior looks good on the National Luna fridges, but it also allows for improved performance and cooling consistency. By making it from steel, it allows NL to inject the insulation at higher pressure, and also improve temperature distribution across the metal surfaces (i.e. fewer cold spots)

Available Sizes and Pricing

Single Compartment:

National Luna’s range of Single Compartment fridges are developed for performance at high ambient temperatures, minimum power consumption, and overall operating efficiency. Low power consumption is achieved using 60mm high-density insulation and a very compact design.

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Dual Compartment:

Designed for versatility, National Luna offers Dual Control units with two separate individually controlled fridge-freezer compartments, giving the options of freezer/freezer, fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, or freezer/fridge.


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