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Karmik Outdoors Lost And Found Decal Review: This Sticker Makes Returning Lost Outdoor Gear Easy

Karmik Outdoors decal on bike

Growing up, my dad used to insist I write my name and phone number on everything I owned that was even remotely valuable. I still have a glasses case to this day that has “Sam Schild” and my home phone number written on the inside. That habit never really stuck with me, but I’m coming around to the idea more these days. Because if you don’t give someone the chance to return something you lost, how will they give it back to you even if they want to?

Karmik Outdoors decal close up

The Karmik Outdoors Lost & Found Decal addresses this question with a simple yet elegant solution. These stick-on decals have a QR code that leads to the Karmik Outdoors website, where the finder of your gear will see the most prominent button on the site’s menu that says, “Return Lost Gear.” They click the button, enter the unique code on your Lost & Found decal, and Karmik automatically puts you in contact with your gear-returning angel.

These decals are simple, clean-looking, and made to last for years of outdoor use. They prominently state “Return Gear | Get Rewarded,” followed by a QR code. This makes it as easy as possible for whoever found your gear to figure out how to return it.

To see what the experience of finding and returning an item was like, I scanned the QR code on the Lost & Found Decal I have on my bike. I was brought to the Karmik Outdoors homepage, clicked the “Return Lost Gear” button, and led through a short process that ended with a thank you message. In this message, I also found out what the reward that’s alluded to on the decal is— a free Lost & Found decal along with an entry into a monthly and annual drawing for more prizes.

On the lost-gear end, I received an email from Karmik, notifying me that “John Doe” had found my bike. Karmik gave me “John’s” email address to contact them, so from there, the process would be as simple as finding a time and place to meet with John.

I was the most curious about the “Return | Get Rewarded” text on the decal when I first saw it. My first thought was, “What could Karmik really be giving out as a reward to everyone who finds and returns a piece of gear?” Going through the process of returning something led me to discover that the reward is an entryway into their “Karmik loop” of lost and returned gear.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all left behind that favorite item at the trailhead. For those moments when you space out and lose your gear, the Karmik Outdoors Lost & Found Decal makes it easy for anyone who finds your gear to return it. Plus, it’s a little more elegant than writing your name in permanent marker on your bike.


Karmik Outdoors decal on bike


For further details, visit karmikoutdoors.com.

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Sam Schild is a writer and outdoor adventurer based in the American West. His first outdoor love was adventure travel by bike. After a 7,000-mile bicycle tour ended at the Pacific Ocean, he confirmed he needed to make the West his home and moved to Colorado over a decade ago. He’s kept the adventures going: bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail and Colorado Trail multiple times; bikepacking countless other bike routes across the Southwest; thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail; and more. He camps in his converted Honda Element, which serves as a basecamp for the next adventure. And if he’s not out somewhere, he’s scheming where to go next. IG: @Sia_lizard.