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Field Tested :: Renogy DCC30S Solar Charge Controller

Dual-isolated batteries have been a fixture of overland vehicles for decades, and in recent years, the price of solar and lithium batteries has dropped enough to become the go-to choice. Correctly isolating batteries is essential to preserve the vehicle starting battery, and keeping batteries fully charged is a necessity for modern camp life.

Since 2010, Renogy has been a leader in solar panels, off-grid chargers, and battery systems. In recent years, they’ve created a range of products specifically for use in vehicles, including a DC/DC charger with MPPT solar charging.

This all-in-one unit combines the functions of a DC/DC charger and a solar charge controller into one lightweight, silent package that works without any intervention. When the vehicle is running, current from the vehicle alternator and solar are both used to charge the auxiliary battery, whether lithium, AGM, or old-school flooded batteries.


Input is prioritized from solar to minimize load on the alternator and engine. Solar charging is completed by a three-step maximum power point tracking (MPPT) system, the most efficient possible. When the vehicle is switched off, batteries are isolated while the unit charges the auxiliary from solar before trickle charging the starter battery, keeping it topped off without the need to run the engine.

LED indicator lights display the current mode, and a companion Bluetooth module and app allow for detailed monitoring and logging of energy flow in the system. Units are available in both 30- and 50-amp versions.

$290+ | renogy.com

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