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Since purchasing a pickup truck, I’ve been paying close attention to lightweight truck canopy campers, thinking that they could be a great alternative to hauling around my Airstream. Canopies may be small, but what they lack in living space, they make up for in cost, and weight savings (under 1000 pounds, some far less).

One such truck camper that has recently captured my attention is the Saskatchawan-based Roverking. It’s reminiscent of the offerings from Go Fast, Super Pacific, Alucab, and AT Overland, but it’s more feature-rich than most, with three amenities packages that all include four-season insulation, a vertical pop-top, a convertible dinette, and more if you opt for the Premium or Premium Plus.

Canopy Campers: Great for Mid-sized Pickup Trucks

One of the most notable qualities of the Roverking truck camper is its weight. Starting at just 640 pounds for the standard trim, this camper is ideally suited for mid-sized pickup truck owners who are looking for the infrastructure of a camper, without adding too much weight to their vehicles. Roverking specifically mentions Gladiator, Tacoma, Ranger, Frontier, Colorado, and Canyon, noting that their camper fits most of the mid-sized truck platforms currently on the market.


Keeping the camper’s weight to a minimum is achieved with aluminum construction. This includes a chassis that is built from welded 1.5-centimeter sheet metal, with an aluminum sheet metal exterior.

Inside its walls, the camper is outfitted with 20 millimeters (.86 inches) of felt-covered styrofoam insulation board and is advertised as being designed for four-season use. While no R-value is specifically mentioned for the camper, polystyrene insulation board of similar thickness is generally rated between R3 and R4. For prospective users that intend to take this camper out in cold weather, I would highly recommend installing a forced air diesel or gasoline heater (check out our buyer’s guide for suggestions), although it’s important to note that this is not an option that is offered in any of Roverking’s trims.

Roverking provides a 2-year warranty on the structure and frame of the camper, a 1-year warranty on components, and a 1-year warranty on paint. Additional warranty details can be found here.


Three Amenity Packages: Standard, Premium, Premium Plus

There are three different trims available, depending on your needs. But regardless of which trim you choose, the camper provides sleeping room for up to four adults and approximately 6.5 feet of headroom (with the top deployed).

Standard – The simplest trim comes with two sleeping areas, a mattress, a dining table, two sliding windows, exterior aluminum stone guards, storage areas, and PVC flooring. $15,400.

Premium – The premium trim has everything mentioned above as well as a 170-watt solar panel, 80 amp-hour house battery, external 110-volt plug, interior LED lighting, RGB lighting w/ remote control, four USB chargers, one auxiliary power outlet, 12-volt 4.5 amp DC power source, Pako switch, a centralized switch panel, 30-liter chrome water tank, four-liter/minute booster pump, chrome shower faucet. $19,500.

Premium Plus – The premium plus trim features everything in the Premium, with the addition of height-adjustable camper jacks and camper curtains + mosquito nets. $20,900.


Learn about the full range of Roverking campers at Roverking.ca.

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