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Rev tent

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Summer 2022 Issue.

Roof tents certainly have their place, but most buyers would benefit from purchasing a solution that is lightweight, easily removable, and half the cost. There have been few options to address those practicalities until the recent launch of the Rev Tent by C6 Outdoors. Started by two travelers that have spent a lifetime exploring Africa and the Americas, they realized that less was, in fact, more.

The team at C6 spent three years developing a roof tent that is also a ground tent, a rack tent, or even a truck-bed tent. All in, with the roof tent brackets and ladder, the tent weighs only 84 pounds. When used without the roof tent platform and ladder, it weighs an impressive 25 pounds. The tent easily sleeps two with its 48-inch width and 84-inch length. The mattress is a comfortable 4 inches thick, complete with a quilted cover. The roof tent configuration utilizes an aluminum framework and panels, complete with a telescoping ladder. This can be left attached to crossbars and the tent removed, leaving a 3.75-inch tall clamshell structure that can be used for hauling other items.

I have used the tent in all configurations except with the platform and ladder. It was so convenient to affix to a roof rack (with somewhat closely spaced cross slats) that it became my default use. As a ground tent, it is impressively comfortable and easy to set up, the thick mattress being a back and time saver over pumping up an air mattress—and no punctures. The tent sets up and breaks down in only a few minutes, faster than most clamshell roof tents. A few other interesting benefits are the four-season construction and the lack of time-consuming window poles. The tent is also ideal for use in a truck bed with the tailgate down, although it fits best in a full-size model.

What I like best about the Rev tent is its flexibility as a quick-grab shelter that can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily. When closed and stored in its zippered cover, it is just under 4 feet square and is light enough to carry into the garage to stand it up against a corner. Concerns are few, but I did note that the pole ends detached easily from the tubes (which has since been redesigned). Additional accessories include a full annex room that hangs below the platform, a custom sheet kit, and even the MuthaTucka blanket. We have been asking for a lightweight roof tent for a long time, and now it exists, but with the bonus of being able to use it just about anywhere.

$799 – $1,199 | c6outdoor.com

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