Big Agnes :: The Complete Camp System

Outdoor companies are reacting to changing markets, particularly the steady shift towards vehicle-based camping. This includes products with a lightweight mindset, yet mutually intended for motorcycle or car use. Items like compact cots, bread loaf-sized chairs and full compliments of tents (with interior lighting), pads, and sleeping bags. Big Agnes is proving to be one of the standouts in this segment, offering their long-respected expertise with tents/bags/pads with new items from Helinox.

Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO Tent: The Big Agnes Rattlesnake is an award-winning tent that is both a good value and feature-rich. Set up is simple with on main pole system and a few rafter poles. It packs compact and light, perfect for motorcycle travel. Without the rainfly, the mesh area is generous and is complimented by a waterproof tub/floor. The innovative nightlight is good for changing and finding items in the tent, but is not quite bright enough to read by. H38C6082


Helinox Cot Lite: The Cot Lite is a motorcycle-sized, low-profile tension cot that supports up to 265-pounds and easily fits in a pannier. The fabric is both lightweight and durable, exhibiting minimal stretch, but still allowing conformation to the body for side sleepers. The assembly takes a bit of time (about 5 minutes), but it rewards you with some luxurious comfort. The low profile design does keep any pressure points suspended, but the material does contact the ground in places (with my 220-pound frame), so use caution on sharp surfaces. I was initially skeptical of the strength of the support poles and joints, but the system even survived intentional abuse by falling on to the cot (intentionally, I swear). H38C6027


Big Agnes Double Z Pad To compliment the cot and sleeping bag, Big Agnes has developed a compact, lightweight four-inch-thick inflatable mattress. Made from durable nylon, this model has proven to be both reliable and supremely comfortable.


Big Agnes Encampment
The sleeping bag is a key component to remote camping, needing to endure a wide range of conditions, temperatures, and moisture. Synthetic insulation continues to improve, even surviving water ingress or extreme humidity. The 15-degree Encampment is roomier than most mummy bags, a benefit for side sleepers (like me) and those with wider shoulders. The Double Z pad slides into the sleeve on the bottom of the bag which secures it and helps improve the insulative effects. The collar pulls tight around the neck and face, while the hood covers the head.



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