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Ram Launches 2014 Power Wagon

There’s been a lot of hoopla in the last few years about which full-sized OE pickup is the most capable when it comes to surmounting technical terrain. A few years back, Ram’s introduction of true front and rear locking differentials in the Power Wagon was a game changer. However, the vehicle struggled between spring ratings…

Overland Expo 2014

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when overlanders from around the world converge on a small mountain meadow outside Flagstaff, Arizona. Now in it’s eighth year, the Overland Expo is North America’s largest overlanding even, with thousands of attendees expected this year alone. As we have done since the beginning, Expedition…

Map of the Week: Sightsmap.com

Get ready to have your daily productivity blown to bits. For the worldly traveler, this might be the ultimate time-suck. What we have here is Sightsmap.com. This is a massive repository of images from around the globe, cataloged on an interactive map. Ever wondered what the Metro entrance looks like under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris? Want to see the sites of Egypt from your computer? Here you go: www.sightsmap.com  Special thanks to ExPo moderator Haven for finding this and destroying a few hours of my workload.

Map of the Week: Tracking the Aurora Borealis

If you have witnessed the spendor of the Northern Lights, you know there is no way of properly describing them. Words simply fail to convey the sense of magic that comes with these curtains of light as they flicker in the night sky. If you happen to be in a portion of the globe where the lights may be visible, this map will help increase your chances of seeig them. To view the current Aurora forecast CLICK HERE.