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The New CARB/EPA Compliant Jerry Can

Despite the disadvantages, carrying fuel cans is often a necessary evil in the world of overland travel. Their ability to extend our range forces us to deal with products plagued by leaking, cracking, and deterioration over time causing lost fuel or worse, a contaminated and damaged fuel system. The new “modernized” cans available today have solved some of these issues, but in exchange have become even more frustrating with the required CARB/EPA fuel cap. Requiring a minimum of three hands to operate in the best of situations, these new caps seem to be designed for irking their users and can bring even the most patient overlander to rants about the “good old days” of leaky jerry cans.


Don’t get us wrong, the EPA, CARB approved system is an important and valuable piece of the puzzle for keeping you and the environment safe. We will gladly give up an easy to operate design in the name of safety and perseveration, but what if there was a way to have both? What if there was a product that offered all the convenience of a Jerry Can, with all the safety of these new standards?




Wavian, who have been manufacturing fuel cans for over 80 years, has pulled out all the stops to bring us just that for the most part, their new can is exactly what you’re already used to. The spout is adorned with a bayonet lid and locking pin for a great seal on long rough roads; while the three handled top design was brought back for an easy and comfortable carry or pour. It’s assembled with a fully welded and recessed seam, and then protected with powdercoat on the exterior and an enamel coating on the interior. This proven method for rust and wear prevention will not only keep your fuel cans looking good, but ensure clean and contaminant free fuel for years to come.




So what is so new and special about this model? The big important differences are a proper wide mouth filler, internal breather tube for a smoother pour, a reinforced bayonet lid to avoid bending when closed improperly, and an easy to use safety spout which is CARB and EPA approved. That makes these the only legal cans of their kind currently available in the United States.

If you’re looking for an easier and safer way to transport fuel, check out this Jerry Can and spend more time traveling and less time refueling.


These new cans can be found HERE, through AT Overland and are currently available in the 20 liter model.




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