Terranova Expedition Truck Joins the EarthCruiser Ranks

As the demand for purpose-built overland trucks continues to rise, EarthCruiser has answered the call with its new Terranova expedition truck. This cab-over-style composite adventure rig is built on one of three domestic 1-ton chassis including the 2020 or newer Ford F-350, Ram 3500, or Silverado 3500.

“The EC Terranova is the culmination of years of expedition experience and field testing across the globe. We used this hard-earned knowledge to create an incredibly capable, well-designed over-cab expedition vehicle on a domestic one-ton chassis, something already proven, familiar, and accessible to consumers, and that can be serviced with ease” said Chad Knight, GM of EarthCruiser.

“We focus on capability and function without compromise and that includes the living quarters, which were purposefully designed to be multi-functional for today’s explorers. We wanted to create a home you want to live in, not beside. The EC Terranova is the perfect exploration partner for any outdoor enthusiasts seeking to live and travel unbound, without sacrificing performance, comfort, or livability.”

EC terranova camping

Terranova Construction and Features

Think of the Terranova like a racing yacht on wheels, at least in terms of its build quality. The habitat is constructed of fiberglass and marine-grade materials, resulting in a robust platform that is easy to maintain. EarthCruiser utilized foam-core composite panels and a multi-layer curtain (in the pop-up roof) to provide protection from the elements and insulation against both heat and cold. The Terranova living quarters are mounted to the truck chassis using EarthCruiser’s proprietary mounting system for a durable and bomb-proof connection.

The Terranova manages to fit a surprising amount of functionality and comfort into a relatively compact footprint, thanks to its cab-over and pop-top combo. The resulting build is relatively lightweight with a streamlined silhouette. For the user, this means better vehicle performance, including acceleration, highway driving performance, and towing capability.

360 Loft – The cab-over portion of the Terranova creates a comfortable lofted sleeping or relaxing space when the vehicle’s pop-top is raised. Folks as tall as 6 feet, 5 inches will be able to comfortably sit in the loft with ample headroom. A wall-to-wall queen-sized mattress provides space to sleep, and thanks to a “clever flip-down feature with countertop bumpers” allows occupants to sleep lengthwise, avoiding the need to climb over one another to get down from the loft in the middle of the night. Power connections, reading lights, and small gear cubbies round out the functionality of this sleeping space.

ec terranova loft

Dinette/Lounge Area – The dinette area of the Terranova serves multiple purposes, providing seating for work, dining, or play, as well as storage. The horseshoe-shaped seating accommodates four adults and one child and has an adjustable table that can be repositioned depending on your needs. The dinette can also be converted into a 76-inch long bed, providing additional sleeping space.

ec terranova dinette

Raised Floor and Stairs with Storage – A raised floor provides additional storage space as well as an easily accessible location for plumbing components that can be accessed from within the habitat. And instead of a conventional ladder, storage drawers that double as stairs provide access to the cab-over sleeping space. This design provides the function of a ladder without taking up dedicated habitat space.

ec terranova raised floor

ec terranova stairs

“Every EarthCruiser product is designed, developed, and hand built by a team of enthusiasts that bring years of true overlanding experience to every inch of product construction. Experiences in Mongolia, through the jungles of Borneo, and across the Australian Outback influence every panel, latch, door location, storage compartment, and system redundancy,” said Lance Gillies, Founder of EarthCruiser.


The EC Terranova Expedition Vehicle starts at $289,000. Learn more about EC Terranova on Earthcruiser’s website.
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