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Sena’s New 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal Has Arrived

Digital communication for riders is vital. Nothing is worse than hearing “failure to connect” when your riding partner is going down the wrong side of the road in a left-side-drive country. Or when they can’t tell you to merge right in time for the next exit.

I know—not everybody likes to fidget with gadgetry on their bikes or helmets. However, consider that along with being able to talk with your partner, listening to music on your smartphone via Bluetooth is rather nice, too. Your favorite tunes on a long weekend ride or in a traffic jam can really lift your spirits and keep you calm on your bike.

Sena 3s Plus Boom

I love the idea of this updated version having noise control for filtering out wind and background noise, along with its promise for crystal-clear conversations. I think this could save many relationships.

Sena 3s Plus Boom

Below is a recent press release (unedited) directly from Sena for the updated 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal.

Sena Press Release (unedited):
January 19, 2021

IRVINE, Calif. (January 19, 2021) Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth® communication solutions for the powersports and outdoor sports markets has launched the all new 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal headsets for motorcycle and scooter helmets. Sena’s original 3S headset sees an update with two new variations that have a refined featureset and enhanced intercom range. The 3S PLUS Boom features a sleek design with buttons on the microphone for total integration for jet and open-face helmets. The 3S PLUS Universal is designed with an external control that attaches to the helmet’s shell, which can be installed on both full and open face-helmets.

Sena 3s Plus Universal

Sena 3s Plus Universal2

3S Boom

Built for jet and open-face helmets, the 2-button control for the 3S Plus Boom is seamlessly incorporated into the boom mic, eliminating the need to affix any external elements to your helmet. And with it’s unified speaker construction the 3S Plus makes installation into any Jet or Open-Face helmet incredibly sleek and easy.

Sena 3s Plus Boom Universal

3S PLUS Universal

With a larger, external 2-button control, the 3S PLUS Universal was designed to fit into a wide variety of helmets. The Sleek external controls can be installed on full or open-face helmets, the two-button control module attaches to the helmet’s shell for easy control access and a minimalist look. In order to assure the best fit the 3S PLUS Universal comes with two wired microphone extensions, both a standard and boom microphone.

Sena 3s Plus Boom Universal microphone


For added convenience, the Sena Utility App allows users to easily configure their Sena device. Users can change feature settings, access the device Quick Start Guide, and more. The Sena App also features Smart Intercom Pairing, which is an easy way to pair with a riding partner by scanning a QR code.


Both the 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal are now available for $99 USD and €109 EUR (incl. VAT). Both headsets are available on BuySena.com and BuySena.eu and will soon be available on Amazon and through Sena’s global network of dealers.

Sena 3s Plus Boom Universal


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